benefits of eating guava
Guava is very available to almost everyone who does not matter in which country you are living. Today at Athletes hub I am gonna tell you about the benefits of guava and why should eat it. Guava is a seasonal fruit that can be easily available to anyone’s area. 
Guava is one of the most nutritious food out there. Guava is grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Guava is generally oval in shape and yellow or green in color. Guava contains edible seeds and its leaves are beneficial for making herbal tea. Guava has an amazing smell and taste. It’s also known as amrood in India.
Guava has many benefits including skin nourishment and it’s also rich in manganese and Vitamin C. Some studies also suggest that guava contains anti-aging properties. It is also considered to be rich in fiber which can make you feel full and may help you lose weight. Guava leaves are knowingly used for making helpful medicines. Guava and his leaves have many benefits. We cannot mention and discuss them all but we can discuss some important ones.
Here are the top 9 benefits of eating guava.
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In today’s world full of viruses and different types of diseases, your immune system has a lot of work to do. In today’s world of Coronavirus or COVID-19, scientist suggests that a strong immune system can help you to fight against Coronavirus.
Guava fruit contains vitamin C thrice the amount of Vitamin C present in other healthy fruits like Oranges, Banana and etc. Vitamin C protects you from flu viruses and pathogens. So, Guava protects you from common diseases like the cold by boosting your immunity system.

2.Reduce the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is causing more deaths in our world than ever before. This disease attacks the majority of old-age people but that does not mean young children and teenagers are free from it. Parents have to understand that sugar should be consumed in limited quantities.
Guava fruit decreases the risk of diabetes because it contains a high amount of fiber and guava also has a glycaemic index. Studies have proven that the glycaemic index prevents the development of diabetes. Fiber containing guava regulates blood sugar levels and prevents it from getting high.

3. Reduces stress

Stress leads to many dangerous conditions like depression which can lead to bad social life and poor emotional health. Depression is a very horrible condition to get into. Recently Promising young Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput decided to take off his life because of depression
Guava contains a high amount of magnesium in it. Magnesium is known for relaxing muscles it can reduce anxiety and stress. It relaxes the nerves of the body. Guava can be helpful after a hard hour of work at an office or a hard workout after the gym.  

4.Weight loss

Fiber is a nutrient that makes you feel full and also helps in dealing with constipation.  Fiber is known as a nutrient that helps you lose weight by controlling the hunger hormone.
Guava has 12 percent of the fiber in it 100 gm of guava contains 5 gm of fiber. The fiber in the guava digests slowly which leads to slow digestion and a prolonged amount of energy. Slow digestion of high fiber foods leads to improve digestion, the control hunger hormone, and high amount of energy until the foods get digested. The best example of high fiber breakfast is oatmeal.

5.May protect you from Cancer

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According to a 2010 study 1 out of 4 deaths are caused by cancer. The region where most of the men get affected by cancer is lung, prostate, and colon. Women get attacked by cancer in the breast region. Death rates due to cancer are increasing day by day. This statistic is 10 years old and the deaths from cancer are increasing.
The best benefit of guava is that it contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer. Isn’t it sound amazing guava may protect you from cancer-causing cells. Guava and guava leaves work better than cancer-treating drugs. 
Guava does contain antioxidants but it doesn’t mean it can be used for treating cancer. Further studies and surveys are required for reaching any final result.  

6.Guava can improve eyesight

In today’s digital world blue screens are becoming big problems for your sensitive organ eye. Blue screens produce blue light which harms sensitive parts of your eye which cause irritation and damages eyesight.
Guava contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A is known for improving eyesight. Guava may keep eye problems away and can improve eye vision.

7.May improve heart health.

Guava is known for decreasing bad cholesterol and can increase good cholesterol levels. This can lead to a healthy heart. Several studies have concluded that eating guava for a long time had lead to decreased bad cholesterol levels.
A high amount of Antioxidants and Vitamins may protect your heart from getting damaged. Guava also has a high amount of potassium which can also improve heart health.

8.Helps women during pregnancy

As you know guava contains magnesium which is known for relaxing muscles and also for reducing anxiety and depression. During pregnancy, women go through a lot of things including muscle cramps, emotional stress, and constipation. Guava seems to be a perfect fruit during pregnancy.
Guava contains good nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants making it the perfect fruit for pregnant women. Guava reduces stress, constipation, and relaxes the muscles. 

9.Good fro your skin

UV rays are damaging human skin more than ever before. Guava may be helpful here because it extracts methanol. That’s the reason why there are many skincare products that are made from guava extracts. These skincare products are made from the vitamins and antioxidants extracted from guava.

10.Guava can treat toothaches

You know till now that Guava contains many antioxidants, Nutrients, and vitamins. Guava also has anti-inflammatory effects. This anti-inflammatory action can kill the germs and bacteria that cause toothaches.
Guava also makes you feel hunger satisfied which can protect you from eating junk foods and sugary snacks. This junk food is the main reason why most of the young kids are suffering from toothaches and tooth decay.


Guava is very beneficial for human of every age. Guava is beneficial for young age children because Guava makes children feel full and it can substitute snacks. 
It also  protects old age people from dangerous diseases like cancer and guava can also protect you from heart diseases.
Guava also helps women during their pregnancy by aiding constipation and also helps in maintaining good mental health.
Now you know how beneficial it is eating guava. You can and you should try to add them to your diet because they are considered as super fruits.  

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