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Are you ready to get six-pack abs in 10 days? If you do the abs workout routine provided below with total dedication and honesty. You will achieve your goals with athlete hub.
Everyone wants those attractive looking abs. Abs are the foundation of a strong body. Abs muscles are also known as core muscles. Research shows that almost everybody has six-pack abs but they are covered with fat. This suggests that you might be having six-pack abs but your fat might be covering it. For getting a strong and well-defined core you have to lose that fat muscle and as well as a good abs workout routine.  

Frequency of abs workout routine

The common belief that abs can be trained every day. There is no problem with this belief, abs training can be done every day but I don’t see any benefit of training abs daily. Core muscles are similar to all the muscles of your body. Core muscles also need rest to develop their strength.
Every muscle of our body needs rest to get in better shape and also to become more strong. The frequency of abs workout routine should be of 5-6 days a week. It’s important to assure at least a single day of rest for abs muscles.
abs workout routine
Abs workout can be as painful and as intense as a leg workout. Most fitness enthusiasts don’t push their core muscles to the exact breaking points. The more you push your abs muscle the faster and better you can achieve your goals and truly a brilliant physique.
An elite athlete always focuses on strengthening core muscles and back muscles. Abs workout routine mostly consists of free weight exercises. This abs workout routine hardly takes 15 minutes to complete. This abs workout routine should be done once a day for 10 days. This exercise is time-based. 

Particular abs section to target

Most of the abs workout routine present out there online only targets a singular muscle of your core region.  For example, Some abs workout routine present out there only target the lower abs. This results in weak obliques and weak upper abs. 
It is very important to target all the muscles of the core. Abs muscles include lower abs, upper abs, and obliques. If you are currently doing any abs workout routine. You must probably confirm all the abdominal and core muscles are getting targeted.  

Obliques muscles are located in the side regions of the abs regions. These muscles are responsible for providing stability during an activity that consists side of side movement. Baseball and cricket are some of the sports that include stability. Obliques also provide rotational power for a variety of sports. 

Lower abs workout includes the majority of exercises in which your body has to balance itself on the collar bone. This exercise helps to build stability.

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Upper abs are worked by the exercises. These exercises include movements in which your lower body remains in a relaxed position. The head and upper part of your body remain in a flexed position. 
The 10-day abs workout routine will work all muscle of your core. You should do these workouts for 10 days. This abs workout routine will take 15-20 minutes to complete. 

10 day Abs Workout Routine

The 10 day abs workout routine will work all muscle of your core. You should do these workout  for 10 days. This abs workout routine will take 15-20 minutes to complete. 
INSTRUCTIONS= This abs workout routine is divided into 4 parts. 
REST = Rest should be of 30 seconds between each exercise. Rest of 1 minute should be confirmed before moving on to the next part.

Part 1(Warm-up)

High Plank

1.Keep your hands directly under the shoulders. Simply come in a position of doing push-ups.
2.Plant your toes firmly on the mat and squeeze your glutes to make your leg to do the work as well. Your leg and glutes will help you to stabilize your body. Hold this position for 40 seconds.
  • This movement builds stability and also works your core muscles and lower body.
  • High plank is very crucial for developing core muscles and also at the same time plank also build stability in your shoulders.

2.Plank saws

1.Get in a forearm plank position. By keeping your elbows under your shoulders and keep your back straight. Place your toes firmly on the floor. 
2.Squeeze your glutes and hamstring for stabilizing your body.
3.Use your forearm and move your upper body back and forth without shifting the positions of your toes and forearms. Keep your back straight while moving back and forth.
4.Try to feel your core moving away from your upper body. Keep doing this movement for 30 seconds
  • Plank saws are great for adding a little bit of toughness to a normal plank.
  • Plank saws work your whole abdominal section including your upper abs and lower abs.
  • It will prepare your abs for sustaining the brutal abs work which is coming next

3. Bodyweight bridges

1.lie on your back. Then fold your knee and place your toes firmly on the ground.
2.place your hands at side. Your palms should be facing upward
3.Lift your glutes off the floor until your knee, hips, and shoulder are in the same line.
4.Squeeze your glutes at the top of the lift.
5.Make sure not to extend your back too much as this will cause unwanted injuries to your lower back.
Hold the lift for at least 5 seconds and come down. Keep doing the same cycle for 40 seconds
  • Glute bridges exercise is an old school. These are very beneficial as this movement works your whole glute muscles.
  • As you work your abs your back will also sustain stress. That’s why it is important to get these big and powerful muscles into action.
  • Glute bridges are a bodyweight exercise but it works your hamstring and glutes the same as a risky deadlift does.

Part 2 (Upper abs)

The 2nd part of this 10 abs workout routine will work your upper abs and help you to develop strength. As this section of abs workout routine will work your upper abs as a result most of the exercises are going to flex your upper body mostly. Don’t forget to maintain proper posture during each movement. Give it your best and never back off from challenges. 

4.lying Toe reach

40 seconds
1.Lie on your back on a floor or to a mat.
2.Lift your both legs straight.
3.Now by straightening your hand try to touch your toe.4.After touching your toe relax your upper body muscles and then do it again.
Keep continuing this movement for 40 seconds  
  • Lying toe touches work your upper abs by flexing your upper body and lower body simultaneously.
  • You should feel this exercise in your upper abs.
  • Truly this exercise is hard and I hate it to do these but if you want results early than regular workouts. You have to do what is hard.

5.Single leg V ups

40 seconds
1.Lie on your back.
2.Lift your right leg straight upwards by keeping your left leg on the ground.
3. Touch your right leg by your both hands by flexing your upper body.
4. Relax the right leg and your upper body.
5. Now do the same move with your left legs. 
6.Keep alternating your legs after every repetition
7. Your back should be flat during the movement.
 Keep doing this movement for the whole 40 seconds by alternating your legs after every rep.
  • Single leg V ups are one of the easiest exercises of this whole 10-day abs challenge routine.
  • Single leg V ups work on each side of abs one by one. These are very easy to do but are the most effective exercise for building visible core muscles.
  • This exercise is mostly used by athletes who are trying to build coordination between their upper and lower bodies. Also want to work their core at the same time.
  • All these exercises in this abs workout routine is very effective for fast and sustainable results.


60 seconds
1.Stand straight.
2.now bend forward for touching the ground with your hands but keep your leg straight. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings.
3.Now extend your whole body with the help of your hands.
4.Until you come in a high plank position
5.Hold this position for 5 seconds then come back with the help of your hands.
6.Make sure your legs should not move from the position and remain straight during the whole exercise.
7.Make sure to engage your core and squeeze your glutes as you come in a high plank position. 
Keep doing this exercise for 60 seconds. Make sure to hold the high plank position for at least 3 seconds 
  • Inchworms are like wheel rollouts and thus these keep performing contracting and extending of your abs muscle.
  • These are very effective as they work like a bicep curl. Biceps curls are effective because they stress the biceps muscle by contraction and extension of bicep muscles. Similarly, inchworms are very effective for fast and sustainable results.
  • You can substitute inchworms with wheel rollouts. Make sure whatever you do but kindly ensure your safety from COVID-19.
  • I rather suggest doing this abs workout at home.

Complete abdominal section

This is the 2nd last part of this abs workout. This section will mainly focus on your whole abdominal region at once. The exercises will work your upper abs and lower abs. Some of the exercises are designed to provide you the side curve on your abs region which most men demand. Don’t forget to maintain proper posture during each movement. As always face your challenges head-on. Don’t back off.

7.Straight leg bicycle

40 seconds

1.Lie on a floor facing upward. Keep your back flat and always in contact with the ground.
2.Now raise you both legs straight.
3.Slowly lower down the right leg and keep your left leg at a stationary position.
4.As you lower your right leg. Try to touch your left leg knee with your right elbow. Use your abs for getting up and touching the knee.
5.Bring back your right leg straight to the same position as it were before by using your core. Now alternate legs.   
Make sure not to arch your back. Do this movement slowly and feel the pressure of the movement.
Do this continuously for 40 seconds and be strong
  •  Straight leg bicycles are modified versions of traditional and more known bicycle kicks. 
  • Both exercises work the same muscles obliques but straight leg bicycles add more difficulty and it may give faster and better results than conventional bicycle kicks.
  • You can substitute this movement with continental bicycle kicks but make sure your tempo is fast during bicycle kicks to give more tension to abs

8. flutter kicks

40 seconds

1.Lie on your back with your palm facing upward and legs in the neutral position.
2.Now lift your both legs in the air and try to look towards your legs by flexing your head
.Do make sure you do not lower your legs to the ground.
3.Start kicking the air with your one leg and alternate legs after every single rep.
4.Make sure your lower back is in touch with the ground for the whole 40 seconds speed of the kick should be slow and controllable. Don’t swing your legs.
  • When you do these flutter kicks they will challenge your will of getting six-pack abs. So if you want it you should thrive during this exercise.
  • Flutter kicks work your whole abdominal region but specifically, it’s very good for upper abs. As it involves moving your upper body as well.


60 seconds

1.Lie on your back and tuck your legs from a comfortable distance from your hips.
2.Keep your eyes on the ceiling and hands folded behind your head.
3.Now move up try to touch your knee with your chest.
(You can use your hand for getting up if you are a beginner)
4.use your abs for moving your head and shoulder away from the ground.
5.roll back on the ground. Do the crunches and be in control of your movement.
Understand the abs workout routine is based on time. So it really does not matter how many repetitions you do of crunches in 60 seconds, focus on quality rather.
  • When you think of abs workout the first exercise which strikes our head is always crunching or sit-ups.
  • When I was in high school we all guys love to compete against each other based on how much crunches one do in 1 minute. It was fun.
  • The wrong belief is crunch and sit-ups alone can give you six-pack abs. But this completely false. This has been proven that doing a variety of exercises for core muscle will challenge it as a result. Abs are much stronger and visible than only doing sit-ups and crunches. 

10.High plank leg lifts

40 seconds

1.Get in a high plank position with your palm right under your shoulders. Your back should be in neutral positions.
2.Now lift your one leg from the ground and hold in the air for at least a seconds.
3.Lower down the leg slowly and alternate legs.
Maintain the positions of your lower back and keep your spine straight and neutral.
Your hips and legs should be the only thing moving. Do it for complete 40 seconds.
  • If you are an athlete or are involved in any kind of physical activities you should consider this exercise as your priority. it builds stability while working your abs and glutes.
  • High plank engages your core and leg lifts work your glutes, hamstring, and also stretches your abdominal section.
  • Doesn’t the most complete exercise which works almost all the muscles at the same time. What do you think about High plank leg lifts let me know in the comment section below.
  • You can also substitute the high plank section with the low plank to make it easier for you but you should do the leg lifts properly and honestly.

(Part 4) Obliques

Obliques are in the sense the side abs. Obliques are located in the side section of your body. I know you must be freaking out by the explanation of the obliques by me but trust me it’s very hard to explain these muscles. That could be the reason why most of the abs workout routine present on the internet does not work your obliques. Obliques in the sense are the 4th pillar of amazing abs. So if your obliques are not strengthened you are half incomplete.
Obliques give your abs that beautiful looking cuts from the side.

11.Side plank wraps (Left side)

        40 seconds

1.Lie on your left side. Your head, toes, chest, and every part of your body should be facing the left side.
2.Now use your left forearm to lift your body.
3.Your head, hip, and knee should be in a straight line. Make sure you are don’t drop your hips.
4.Now use your right hand. Move your right hand from the top of your body to move it under your chest and then finally try to reach the right side with your right-hand wrist.
5.When you wrap your whole right hand to your body. Maintain your side plank position throughout wrapping your right hand. You can only move your right hand and your upper body.
Do every rep slowly and complete it for 40 seconds.

12.Side plank wraps (Right side)


1.Lie on your right side. Your head, toes, chest, and every part of your body should be facing the right side.
2.Now use your right forearm to lift your body.
3.Your head, hip, and knee should be in a straight line. Make sure you are don’t drop your hips.
4.Now use your left hand. Move your left hand from the top of your body to move it under your chest and then finally try to reach the left side with your left-hand wrist.
5.When you wrap your whole left hand to your body. Maintain your side plank position throughout wrapping your left hand. You can only move your left hand and your upper body.
Do every rep slowly and complete it for 40 seconds.

13.Side to side Toe touches


1.Lie on your back and tuck your knee at an appropriate distance from your hips.
2.Using your right-hand wrist, try to touch your right toe and then alternate hand and try to touch your left toe with your left-hand wrist.
3.During this movement your neck and shoulder will be slightly above the ground. 
4.You should feel the tension in your left and right obliques because you are contracting and extending your obliques muscle.
Maintain your speed during the whole 60 seconds
  • Side to side toe touches is specifically based on obliques.
  • In a sense, this exercise is a crunch for your obliques muscles.
  • If you feel any tension in your neck. Just take a pause and get back on it harder and stronger.

Part 5 (Lower abs)

Lower abs are based just over your groin section. Most people struggle to get their lower abs right because the lower section of the abdominal area is always covered with fat muscles. Most of the people who are in search of getting well-defined abs to struggle because most of the fat is stored in the lower region of the abs. This fat covers the whole lower abdominal region. It’s very important for you and me to burn the fat of this region and at the same time build muscle.

14.Mountain climber


1.Get in a high plank position with your hands under your shoulder and toes firmly placed on the ground.
2.Now start bringing your knees alternatively up to your chest. This is the form of a running motion but each time place back your toes firmly on the ground.
Complete this cardiovascular motion for the whole 60 seconds in a slow and controlled motion.
  • As I said earlier we have to work the lower abs to lose fat and also we have to build strength at the same time.
  • Mountain climber is a cardio exercise as well as strengthening exercise for your abs.
  • When you bring your knees up to your chest it contracts the lower abs. That’s why this is very beneficial.

15.Scissor kicks

40 seconds

1.Lie on your back and bring your both legs straight up at a height that is comfortable for you.
2.Now start moving your legs one under the under in a scissor motion.
3.Relax your whole upper body and just use your legs.
Don’t just swing your legs in a scissor you should feel the tension in your hip flexors as well as your lower abs muscle. 
Do this complete movement at a controlled pace for whole 40 seconds.
  • Scissor kicks are like flutter kicks. Flutter kicks work your whole abs muscle. Scissor kicks work your lower abs section specifically.
  • Abs workout routine works the best when you work your legs at the same time. Try to check out our leg workout as well.

Key points

Ensure a 30-second break between every exercise
1.Use a stopwatch or a timer to maintain the timing.
2.Every exercise is time-based so the tempo of every exercise is slow.
3.Do this workout for the whole 10 days and look out for your amazing results.
4.Maintain your posture during every abs exercise. 
If you think I missed any crucial exercise or idea in this abs workout routine make sure to comment on it below.


Try to eat right food and take proper rest each and every day for maximizing your results in 10 days. Learn more about sports nutrition for getting a sustainable results.

Make sure to comment about your experience of this workout routine down below. I will glad to hear from you guys.

Consuming right supplements is very important for getting six pack abs. So learn more about sports supplements in our blog post.

Don’t get discouraged after  a few days of work. Results will come and that why it’s important to learn about athlete mindset.

Combine this abs workout with leg workout and a little bit of conditioning to lose the fat as well. You can ad  agility training or plyometric training to your routine.

Add these workout if you have time to  do it for 10 days 

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