Fiber foods importance are not focused by many for some its just a nutritional fact in the label on every packed food or packed vegetables.You might not know that fiber foods can protect you from ulcers.
importance fiber foods
fiber foods contains omega-3 fatty acids. Foods that are rich in fiber can benefit everyone. You should know fiber content in your diet should be increased slowly. Fiber foods can help you loose weight and maintain your body composition by avoiding the sensation of hunger.

Fiber weight loss

As I mentioned fiber plays a major role in weight loss. If you eat foods that are rich in fibers they will make you feel full. Foods with fiber’s delays the digestion process thou it make you feel full and also provide with energy for longer duration. Unlike junks foods which make you feel hungry. Junk foods also gets digested very fast by giving no energy for long term.

Now you should know that food with fibers are better than burger and pizza’s. Imagine you ate a cup of oatmeal in the breakfast and because of your busy schedule you did not get the chance to eat something. But you have nothing to worry because the oatmeal you had in the morning will provide your body fuel until the evening. 

7 Fiber rich foods

1.Green Peas

Green peas

Green Peas contain 5g of fiber.

It reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack.

Scientifically known as Pisum Sativum.



Corn contains 4.6gm of fiber.

It should be consumed in less quantity because it can increase blood sugar level. Its one of the food with rich fiber content. 

3.Chia seeds

chia seed

100gm of Chia seed contain 30g of fiber.

   Chia seed is one of the most used antioxidant. It should be consumed within the recommended limit because it can increase risk of choking.  High fiber foods.

4.Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds is  rich in fibers. It contains 18gm of Fiber per 100gm of pumpkin seeds. It is rich in fibers but it is also omega-3 fatty acids which reduces risk of several critical disease.

5.Pinto Beans


100gm of Pinto beans contain 16gm of fiber. Studies shows that it can improve blood sugar levels. 

6. Avacado


Avocado is one of the most complete fruit on the planet. It has everything its rich in fiber and protein as well. 100gm of Avocado contains 7gm of fiber. Its also known to improve digestion process.

7.Wholegrain Oats

Oats are the best option for breakfast because it contains great amount of fibre and protein and on the other hand it contain lots of micronutrients. Makin it a perfect choice for breakfast. I can lower the blood pressure level and may reduce cholesterol level.

Fiber in Oats=8gram



You should try to eat food with fibers but make sure the amount of fiber you eat should be increased slowly. Food with fibers gets digested very slowly and if you eat more foods that contain large quantity of fiber it can cause problems to your guts.

Which foods you are going to add in your diet?

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