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In cricket, fast bowler means a guy who bowls the fastest. Now a day the fast bowling trait is disappearing. Most of the young fast bowlers are bowling at 50% of their capability. The fast bowlers who play at the international level are the ones who bowls as fast as they can by giving their own selves to the art of fast bowling. You can too play at the international level but you have to increase your bowling speed. The good news is you can increase your bowling speed by using these simple 7 tips that I will explain to you today. After reading this article you will be able to bowl faster. And can answer simple questions like How to bowl faster in cricket or how to increase fast bowling speed.

Bowling fast can help you to get more wickets by giving a sense of fear in the batsman’s mind. Bowling faster can also help you to get noticed by the selectors.
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If you bowl fast you can use that bouncer to get wickets as well.
Is very important to improve your fielding as well to get selected and get noticed by selectors.

History of cricket fast bowlers

Today at Athletes hub we are going to explain to you how you can increase your fast bowling speed in cricket and bowl faster. What could be better than watching a young fast bowler bowling fast?. That’s the most amazing seen to watch as a cricket enthusiast. Fast bowling is one of the hardest jobs to do on a cricket field. A fast bowler does everything he can to become one of the fastest bowlers he can. 

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The best example will be of Brett Lee. Brett Lee is known for bowling fast and accurately. When Brett Lee retired from cricket he engaged in coaching and informing people about how to bowl faster. He explained some of the practical tips.

The truth about bowling faster

Fast bowling uses every muscle of the human body unlike some sports like football which only utilizes the lower part of the body. The scientific researches that have been done by scientists state that fast bowling action in cricket puts a lot of stress on the body. Biomechanical experts have stated that “Fast bowlers action is something that involves many twists and turns in the human body. The human body never becomes ready to involve complex turn and twists the reason why fast bowlers suffer the more amount of injury throughout their career”. This study shows that fast bowling is not a common trait, there are many small amounts of people who are capable of bowling faster. The reason why they are not able to increase their fast bowling speed is lye inside the mind of the coaches.

See most of the coaches in India believe line and length should be the priority for the fast bowlers and speed will increase with the fast bowler’s age. This theory never made sense to me. I agree with the statement that line and length are important but they ignore the fact that Fast bowling and fast bowlers’ mind are the same as plastic “it will shape itself as you want it to”. fast bowler’s mind is like that plastic if you make them focus over only line and length it will be absorbed by their subconscious mind and they will completely ignore the idea of bowling fast.

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That kids or teenagers can make complex changes both mentally and science also back up this fact. What I want to covey all the young and aspiring fast bowlers out there is to think of bowling fast and give 100% effort on all your bowling deliveries. The mind will recognize and help you bowl faster.
We had now covered all scientific aspects of fast bowling we will look at the most amazing story of India fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He showed how to bowl faster and how to increase fast bowling speed.
Here the 7 proven ways to bowl faster and to increase your bowling speed

7 ways to increase fast bowling speed

1.Mindset for bowling fast

"The thing your mind thinks, your body follows"
You should have the mindset of bowling fast. Take Sohaib Akhtar and Brett Lee for example when they go out on the field the only thing they had in their mind was to bowl as fast as they can. In 2003 when Sohaib Akhtar bowls the fastest bowl at 161 mph he was competing against great Brett Lee and Newzeland that’s why he bowls the quickest bowl of the cricket history at 100 miles per hour.
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If you want to increase your bowling speed focus on bowling faster. You have to understand that if you focus on the one you have to sacrifice the other. So you will lose your accuracy but it will be back with you.

2.Non bowling arm

Your bowling arm follows what your non bowling arm does. It’s like the connection between your mind and body. Your non bowling arm acts as the engine of a train and your bowling arm acts as a box of the train and the train follows where engines go.

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So if you want to increase your bowling speed use your nonbowling arm and also strengthen it. 
Your bowling arm should move up to down not side to side. Use a sweatband on your non bowling arm to notice its movement. Pull your arm as fast as you can into your body.

3.Run up

The run-up is the most important part of any fast bowler’s action. It setts up things for bowling fast. The fast bowler’s run-up should be smooth and rhythmical. A smooth run-up means that run-up speed should be increased slowly and the speed increasing process should be unnoticeable.
There are two types of fast bowlers. One who has slow run-up but they are strong at the crease and uses their body strength to bowl fast the good example will be Jofra Archer and Morne Morkel.
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The second type of fast bowlers uses their run-up to extract their speed. Dale Steyn the south African leading wicket-taker with 439 wickets is a great example of a bowler who uses his run-up to bowl really fast. Mitchell starc , Brett Lee, and Pat Cummins also use their run-up to bowl seriously fast.
If you want to increase your fast bowling speed work on your run up and practice it more precisely.

4.Head Position

The Head is the heaviest part of your body if you can maintain your head balance you can control your whole body. It’s very important that your head and body are in the same line and facing the target you want to bowl.
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This can improve your bowling speed because when your body and head are in the same line it will help you to get more power from your whole body. That’s the reason why every fast bowler tries to maintain his head position. If you want to bowl faster.

5.Use your hips.

Hips are the most powerful muscle of the body and you should be using it in your fast bowling. The hip drive is the term used in fast bowling. You can increase your fast bowling speed by using your hips.

6.Strength training

You can be bowling slow because your muscle doesn’t have the strength to sustain the load of fast bowling. Most of the young aspiring fast bowlers don’t have strength in their lower body and core to generate the greatest amount of power it can to bowl faster.
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Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the same problem he does not have the strength in his muscle to bowl fast but he strengthened his muscle and came back with an amazing increase in bowling speed. You can start with a simple body-weight leg workout.

7.Power training

Power training helps to increase your fast bowling. It just adds a little bit of venom to your fast bowling. The increase in speed is not significant but it’s very important.

Power training helps you to jump higher, run faster, and will help you to lift heavyweights.
Power training can be done in form of plyometric training and explosive training.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar:From the slowest to the fastest bowler

Bhuvneshwar Kumar first caught everybody’s attention by taking the wicket of great Sachin Tendulkar in his first domestic level match. You can imagine what it feels to take the wicket of the “god of cricket”. Indian selectors and Indian cricket supporters knew that this fast bowler is special and he will make a mark on International Cricket.
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He received a call up from the Indian side in 2012 for the India Pakistan match. You can imagine how intense this rivalry between India Pakistan is but this rivalry does not affect Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s bowling. He did what he has been assigned to do M.S Dhoni gave the first over to Bhuvneshwar Kumar and what he did was exceptional. He took the wicket on his very first ball with extraordinary in-swinging delivery. Now the belief of Indian selectors and Indian supporters was turned into certainty. Every time Bhuvneswar Kumar comes to bowl Indian cricket supporters knows he will take wickets of the top order.

The search for speed
A couple of years ago Bhuvneshwar Kumar suddenly moved aside from the international and domestic cricket. Everyone was curious to know about why he is not playing for India but no one knew.
A year later Bhuvneshwar Kumar came back in the Indian blue jersey. When everybody was surprised to see that the new Bhuvneshwar Kumar was not bowling at 120 kmph he is now bowling around 140-145 kmph and he is doing it consistently until this day. He did not lose his swing or accuracy but he added a 145kmph speed at it. Quite remarkable isn’t it?
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The Hard Work he did
Everyone was quite keen to know how He increased his speed such quickly. The answer the fast bowler gave to the media was quite surprising. So Bhuvi told them he reunited with his childhood coach and started strengthening his muscles. The next thing he did was to improve his run-up and increased his cardio health. Some reports suggest that Bhuvneshwar Kumar also did a DNA test to know that he had some genetic issues that resist him to bowl slow. He found the issue and worked on it physically. Bhuvneshwar does not confirm this report so we cannot trust it but it can be possible.
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What are you gonna do?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s story is inspirational and you should also have that level of obsession with bowling fast. That’s how you bowl faster and can increase your speed. 
I know you have that level of obsession with bowling faster in cricket. 

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