The long debate of the greatest player of all time has been going on for the last decade. Truth is that until now there is no exact reason to give one extra edge over the other.
Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both different players but they have the same motive to become the greatest of all time and more precisely break every record.

Recently Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi left their previous clubs. Messi surprisingly left his childhood club Fc Barcelona and moved to Paris Saint-German to be reunited with his former teammate Neymar. Ronaldo’s transfer broke the internet and without a doubt, it is the biggest transfer of all time. He left struggling Juventus to play in the most competitive league. Cristiano joined his former club Manchester United on a 2-year deal. The club where he turned from a teenage star to be the world’s best.

Messi left Barcelona to join League 1 which is ranked 6th and is famously known as the farmers league. Messi left Barca because of the financial issue of the club. He didn’t stay in Barcelona because he didn’t want to cut down his salary that’s why he joined one of the richest clubs in the world. Just to earn the amount of money he used to. Rather than moving to a top league club, he made his move towards a club that already has plenty of names into it and they don’t even get challenged in their league.

On the other hand, the 36-year-old legend came back to the number 1 league in the world at a transfer fee of just 17 million way lower than the 120 million that was spent on his last move from Madrid to Juventus. Ronaldo carried Juventus single handily he scored 102 goals in just 3 years and was the number 1 goalscorer in Serie A.
To me, it just shows how tough Ronald’s mentality is and how hungry he is still to be the number 1. He is simply the GOAT.

He is more fit than he was at the age of 18. The man just shows that hard work pays off. He came and scored 2 goals in his second debut for Manchester United on 11 October. He also scored against Young boys in his champions league debut for united.

At 36 going to the toughest league in the world just shows the mentality of Ronaldo. On the other hand, Messi moving to the farmers league for money at 34. Clearly states the difference between them.

At 36 years of age, most of the footballers retire or move to lower competitive leagues like MLS and League1 but Cristiano did the opposite. He is not like any other 36-year-old footballer. So respect the man and don’t compare him to anyone.

We are going to see Ronaldo in action tomorrow against West Ham in the premier league. What do you think how many goals will he score tomorrow.

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