Hey There guys. I hope you all are doing well in these tough times. Especially Indians who are suffering from the 2nd wave of COVID-19. I hope everything will get back to normal soon.

You should read this article to know yourself better or maybe to avoid doing the mistake majority of us do. This article might be offensive to some people because it tells the truth. Pardon me. Today you and I are going to talk about the majority of the people. The procrastinators and the lazy ones. Without further due let’s start.


The title of this article might have given you the clarity that we are going to investigate the fact that laziness is changing the way we used to live.

Laziness is affecting people’s lives in every possible way it could. And it is not in a positive way. Laziness my friend can easily destroy your whole life and it does really. It makes one’s life miserable. Suddenly You will feel like not doing the work that is necessary for you to survive.


History and many philosophers in the past have said that laziness destroys the potential of most people. Lazy people do what they find most comfortable and avoid the things that can improve them physically and physiologically.

Lazy people are the best excuse-makers. These people can make up stories to convince themselves that they are not doing the work because of some fake reason. They are the best excuse-makers. You know they try to convince and get validation from others. They forget the fact that they can’t hide anything from themselves. They will feel the guilt later.

They go for instant gratifications rather than seeing long-term rewards. They want to be comfortable every time. It’s like you want the costliest car in the world without paying for it. They look for the easiest way out in every moment without knowing the easiest road often leads to horrible places.

Laziness can rule this world surely. If we don’t make an effort to fix it.
Now let’s see what we can do to end this big disease of laziness. I know a couple of ways for you stop being lazy.

3 best ways to cure laziness

These are some actionable and physiological steps that you can take to make changes in your life.

1.Make your goals important to yourself

Just a simple question. What you do when your goals aren’t important to you?. The simple answer to this question is that you don’t work for it. You keep on acting lazy and don’t complete those goals.

What I want you to do is to write down your goals and just in front of it write the reason why you want to achieve that goal. Keep reminding yourself of the reason why you want to achieve that goal. This way you won’t act lazy.

Make your goals important to yourselves and you won’t be lazy.


2.Limit distractions

Distraction is one of the major issues of our generation. It is one of the reasons why more and more people are being lazy. There are limitless distractions in today’s world Smartphones, Televisions, and limitless unnecessary things. These distractions release dopamine in our minds. Which tells us to repeat the action again and again.


The best way to stop being lazy is to shut yourself away from this world but that would be a pretty extreme step. So that’s why you should start slow. Limit your distractions.

The best way will be to limit your time on smartphones and television or partying. Remember guys everything is important. You should have fun in your life but you just have to put a time limit on it.

Surely it will work.

3.Make a simple schedule and try to follow it

The best way to get your life on track is to schedule your day. See I believe that life is unpredictable. That’s why I don’t want you to plan your day the night before. I want you to plan your day when you wake up.

Make sure to give time to each and everything including smartphone use and other things that make you feel happy.


Start slow don’t get too hard on yourself. If you can’t keep up with it just make it a little bit easier to follow. I think this might help you to become active and make something out of your life.


The effects of procrastination on the world?

I have written about procrastination earlier. If you want you can read it here.

I believe everyone is a procrastinator because everyone procrastinates over something. It may be productive work or a fun thing. So it depends are you procrastinating on something productive or some unproductive work.

Majority of the people procrastinate on some of the most important work they have. They just keep on saying that they will do the work later and they did not complete it until the last minute. Until then they get anxious and worried about the task they had to complete.


Most of the students nowadays will relax and have for first 10 months of their class and when they get to know about the date of the final exam. Then they start panicking and try to complete the whole syllabus in one month. Then they don’t get the required marks and start blaming everyone else. The true reason was that they procrastinated the whole year and you cannot cover a year’s work in a month.

Every one of us is struggling in some part of our life, work is required to get out of that struggle. But most of us go for doing unnecessary things that give instant gratification. In reality, almost everyone procrastinates on important tasks.

Half of the population of the world procrastinate about some of the most important parts of our life. We all know that health is wealth. So how often do you see people in your family and are saying that they will go to the gym or do running, walking, dieting, etc from tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes?

They get themselves in a bad shape which invites many life-threatening diseases in later stages of their lives. So it is important to be physically active and being aware of what you are consuming. So you avoid any possible chances of getting sick.

Procrastination is indirectly and directly affecting our productivity. That later in our life makes us regret that.
It does affect the world.

What’s important is that you can stop procrastinating. You just have to get in a habit of making the hard choices. Here are some ways through which you can stop procrastinating.


Simple ways to fix procrastination

1.Setting a deadline

Setting a deadline is the best way to get rid of procrastination. Its a quite an old and used method but it is reliable. It does take time to work. It is a simple way to understand the way deadlines works.


You just have to set a small goal and set a date until you want it to be completed. Just keep that date in your mind. Keep reminding yourself of the goal and the date. To make it up on time.

2. Divide and Conquer

This is yet another simple but great way to stop procrastinating. It makes complicated things simpler. The best way to complete a complicated goal or task is to break down it into simpler and short-term goals.

What you have to do is take your bigger goals and break them down into small steps so you can complete them. This way you can convince your mind to complete your small goals which will lead you to your ultimate goal or work. Agin makes sure to keep your focus on small goals rather than your bigger goals.

3. Self-bribery - give yourself rewards.

If you find it too hard to be without the objects that release dopamine in your mind or gives a feeling of being relaxed. This will method will help you a lot.

Think of the time when you and I were kids. Whenever our parents needed us to complete some work. They use to tell us that after you complete this work we will reward you with some chocolates or video games and we use to complete that work by keeping our mind focused on the reward.


So You are going to use the same strategies to complete your task and simple goals. The trick is very simple you just have to complete a small goal or task and then reward yourself with something like using your smartphone or watching T.V for a particular number of minutes after that get back to work again. Keep repeating this process.
So you will now focus on the reward and will try to complete your goals faster and better.

Most fitness enthusiasts reward themselves with a cheat day on weekends. They reward themselves with junk food because they followed a strict diet for the whole week. The best example would be of Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.


Until Now I have explained to you the problems that the whole world is facing and had provided some ways to fix these problems. The main motive behind writing the article was to remind you all that we are going on the wrong path. It can emotionally drain us and who knows can slowly destroy the finances of a country. We can help our country to grow financially by being productive in our fields.

So it might not seem a big issue but laziness and procrastination can dictate our lives. So we all should stop making excuses about everything and start taking some responsibility for our situation. That will be the best way to start.
Excuses are not valid they are lies, So stop making them up and get to work. The problem is that we don’t procrastinate on the things that we shouldn’t do.

Make sure to make a schedule that includes your work and chilling in the same proportion so you can feel alive and enjoy your life as much as you can. Keeping it with the work you put in to achieve your goals and become successful.

I hope you learned something good after reading this blog. I am very happy to know that you made you till the ending. 

If you want to suggest something or represent your views make sure to do so in the comment section.

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