India is a country where people praise the game of cricket. In the population of almost 1.4 billion some become the sportsmen the whole country remembers. Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are great examples of the Indian greats who make a mark on the world of sports. Cricket has given and still giving many greats to the game.
To become a fast bowler a man has to sacrifice almost everything. Being a fast bowlers requires to be accurate,disciplined,punctual and he should have strength.

Here are top 10 fast bowlers of India of all time

The tallest guy on our list of top 10 fast bowlers of India. Ishant Sharma deserves to be on this list. You and I first saw him in 2008 against Australia, he intimated the great Ricky ponting with his amazing speed and accuracy. He used to bowl at high 150s.
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As Ishant Sharma started getting older he faced many injuries resulted in losing his speed. The one thing Ishant Sharma did not lose was his aggression and hunger for taking wickets.
He still bowls at 140 and guided the Indian test side to many remarkable wins in foreign countries. M.S Dhoni used him as a wicket-taker in a famous victory over England at lords almost after 20 years.
Top 10 fast bowlers

9. Navdeep Saini

Navdeep Saini acquires 9th position in this top 10 Indian fast bowlers. The only reason he gets this position because he is young and also very promising. He bowls fast and his work ethic is praised by greats like Dale Steyn and Virat Kohli.
Navdeep Saini is quick and outperforms every Indian fast bowler. He is performing very well for Royal challengers Bangalore in IPL 13.
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Navdeep Saini has a great bond with the fast bowling legend of our generation Dale Steyn. Navdeep Saini is learning from Dale Steyn at RCB.
Dale Steyn already praised that Navdeep Saini will be the fastest bowler in the world.

8. Munaf Patel

Munaf Patel gets the 9th position in the top 10 fast bowlers of India. At his prime, Munaf Patel was the fastest and he also had amazing accuracy.

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He was the part of the World cup winning squad of 2011. He played an important role against Pakistan in the World Cup semi-final by picking 2 wickets and he was cheap too. His age affected his bowling he lost his speed and last appeared for Gujrat Lions in Ipl. Here are his stats

7. Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath is regarded as one of the fastest bowlers of Indian cricket. He was fast, furious, and very passionate about his role in the Indian team.

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He took very Important wickets and made the job easy for his captain. Srinath has a classic bowling action and a very smooth run-up.

6.Ashis Nehra

The great vintage fast bowler Ashish Nehra is also famously known as Nehra Ji. Ashish Nehra had played under 3 generations of Indian Cricket.

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He debuts as a young fast bowler under the captaincy of Azhar and then he played for Saurav Ganguly in the 2003 World Cup. He has also played under M.S Dhoni and then Virat Kohli.

His career was limited by injuries but he did not give up and also did not sacrificed his pace. He played an important part in important matches like the semi-final of the 2011 world cup. H e has amazing stats too.

5. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets the 5th position in the top 10 list because he has almost everything. He can bowl fast, accurately and he can swing the ball.

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He first came to the scene in 2012 when he bowled Hafeez with outstanding inswinging delivery. Amazingly that was his first ball.
Back at that time Bhuvneshwar Kumar only uses to swing the ball but he was slow. He then worked on his fitness and developed his bowling speed. After increasing his speed he is facing some injuries but we all know he will be back.

4. Mohammed Shami

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Mohammed Shami is the only second fast bowler to take a hattrick in the world cup. He does bowls very quickly and swings the bowl both ways.
He struggled off the field but never struggled on the field. He is a fighter and his bowling stats are truly great. Shami has a great and easy bowling action.

His run-up is very efficient and his momentum develops speed. He bowls very magnificently with both white and red ball.

3.Jasprit Bumrah

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Jasprit Bumrah is the most amazing fast bowler of the current generation. He is truly amazing. His ability to bowl fast from such a short run-up is very amazing.
He can consistently bowl yorker and he is very fast. It’s right to call Jasprit Bumrah a present-day great of fast bowling. He bowls amazingly in pressure situations.

He performs amazingly in countries outside India. Jasprit Bumrah has an unorthodox action but he generates pace.

2. Zaheer khan

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Zaheer Khan is one of the greatest fast bowlers of Indian country.
His stats prove his greatness, He started his career under Sourav Ganguly and ended under M.S Dhoni. He was the joint wicket-taking leader in the 2011 world cup.
He played an important role in winning the 2011 WC. He also invented the knuckleball in 2011. He ended his career by captaining Delhi in Ipl and took on the coaching work.

He is now the coach of Mumbai Indians. He used to bowl fast in the early days of his career but later he relied on his ability to swing the new ball.

1.Kapil dev

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Kapil dev is the greatest fast bowler in India.
He was the fast bowler who inspired and motivated many present-day greats. He is the leading test wicket-taker for India. Kapil Dev had an amazing bowling action.

He was the greatest Indian all-rounder of all time. He has delivered some great performances against some of the toughest opponents like West Indies and Australia.

You can be a fast bowler with intense speed.It will just take blood,sweat and hard work.

Let us know which bowler we had missed here.

Top 10 Fast bowlers of India 2020
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