Fats are considered to be bad guys but today. I will do my best to develop respect for my dear friends. Jump right into

What Are Fats?

Fats are nothing but stored energy in the muscles. The best way to describe them will be by giving you an example. So, Imagine you are a middle-aged man or woman, you don’t take time to take care of your body by involving in any physical activity. Every time you eat something its main purpose will be to provide you with energy and as I mentioned you are not active. So the food you eat gives you energy for normal activities and you are using that whole energy the food provides you. The energy which is not used by your body will be store as fat in your muscles for future use. If you eat food more than required you will start to notice the layer of fat.
Eat wisely.

Good Fats.

These fats are known as Unsaturated and they perform several important functions. These are not bad for health as well. It’s the same as eating protein and carbohydrates.  These are stored in muscle so every time you need the energy to perform an activity and you don’t have enough amount of carbohydrates in your body. At that time these stored fats come in use and provide you energy. It’s very important to have fat stored in the muscle it also performs several other activities like these guys act as a protective layer, produce important hormones, support cell growth. 

Eat these items=Peanut butter, Olive oil, and avocado these are also as known as fatty foods.

 Bad fats.

Bad fats are known as Saturated, and these should be eaten sparingly in your diet.
These nutrients are known as inflammatory nutrients and have many bad effects on your body and some of these promote life-threatening diseases like cancer. Unsaturated ones are called inflammatory because they promote inflammation in your whole body. For example, if you are developing cancer cells and you are consuming food containing unsaturated like snacks and fishes in too much quantity those cancer cells will grow 3 times faster. You should understand the seriousness of these types of this topic. Other side effects include high blood cholesterol levels.
Eat wisely and eat these foods in a controlled manner= milk, butter, cheese, and ice creams. These are also as known as fatty foods.

saturated fats

  Pro-tip to manage your fat levels.

Tip of the day will be to manage your consumption of saturated and unsaturated fats as they can seriously impact your life span.

 Fats are two types saturated and unsaturated 

  1. Fats are important for developing hormones, growth of cells, and act as a protective layer.
  2. Saturated ones should be consumed sparingly as the excess amounts can raise your blood cholesterol level.
  3. Unsaturated ones are should be eaten at a limited amount.
  4. Excess amount of carbohydrate is turned into fats in muscles for future use.
  5. Respect these guysas they perform and support a very crucial process in our body.