I would like to apologize to all of you. I have not been consistent with the articles on my blog. The reason was I have been out of town for the past couple of months.
Its been a great experience I interacted with some new people and made some new friends. Got to know the definition of a true friend.

"I am putting everything I learned about friends in the past few months". 

Definition of a true friend.

“Friend” is a very complicated word. Used more often in our world as it should be. True Friend is a gift. One who doesn’t judge you by your appearance or your actions. True friends will never leave you alone in a tough situation.

I often say the easiest way to define a true friend is “The one who understands your silence”. O know it may sound a bit complicated but it is easy to understand. You might have noticed our moms can easily tell our mood by just seeing our faces. In the same way, your true friends will understand you better than anyone else.


You might get the fact that they are important.
Let me know how you trust anyone as your friend?

How do you define the term True friend?

Why True friends are Important in your lives?

Life is not as easy as we think It is complicated and most importantly it is hard. So you need people on whom you can trust and ask for help in this cruel and unfair world.

They are important as in everyone’s life. See there is a difference between friends and true friends. A friend may give you company when you need it but they cannot be compared with your best friends.



The easiest way to know who is your best friend is to notice their behavior and respond when they find you in a difficult situation. You might get to know them by how much they tend to find you when you are not around them.

Friends have a great significance on your character and your future. A best friend always wants the best of you. They want you to be successful. They often know what is best for you. They try to make you feel comfortable in a difficult environment. A best friend always wants you to think positively and have fun.


Safe vault..

We all have some secrets that we only share with our best friends. I have a habit of telling everything to my best friend. I always try to tell him all the issues I am facing in my life because most of the time they give me ways to fix that issue. Whatever be the case he always tries to make me feel good about myself.

We all need one friend with whom we can share our every secret because sharing your problems and happiness with a trusted person may help you to reduce your stress level or make you happier.



I assume we all can agree on the fact that best friends are the best when it comes to keeping secrets. That’s why I call my best friends a safe vault. I can trust my best friend with almost everything.

True Friends make tough challenges easier.

We all get tested by life. We have to face some difficult situations and terrible tragedies. I accept we have to face those situations alone and have to be strong enough to stick with them.

Having a friend does make it easier for you to go through hard times. It makes tough challenges easier emotionally. My friends always try to make me happy when I am facing difficult circumstances. It just helps me to think more positively.


He just makes everything better and easier mentally. It feels that I am not alone in hard situations. That’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you have someone counting on you. They don’t put pressure on you and they don’t expect anything from you. Simply they wish the best for you.


Friends are the most precious things in life. They help us in every part of our life. In a way, they help in becoming a better man. They are one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. They have a big saying in your character. They take the weight off your shoulders. So choose your friends carefully but most importantly respect them and take care of them.
Thanks for reading this article till here.

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