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Glutes muscles are one of the most powerful muscles of the human body. Your hips can produce more amount of energy than any other muscle of your body. After reading this article you will be able to cure your back pain on your own.

Importance of having strong glutes for athlete

The Gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus are the two muscles that contribute to the strength and weakness of your hips and back. If you experience back pain it is because of weakness or stress on your gluteal muscles. Strong glutes muscles are very important for an athlete. 
Every sport requires hip power to produce force in every move. For a runner its important to use his hip flexors and glutes muscles at the same time to prevent tightness in hip flexors. Tightness in hip flexors will cause an urged back which will lead to back pain and bad posture.That is not any human being wants.

Importance of strong glutes for non-athletes

So the major part of our society is not athletes. The common people usually call the glutes muscles as “muscles of buttocks”. The muscles of buttocks are also important for a working group of people. The working group spends most of their time sitting on a chair while working. Sitting for a long time can cause weakness in the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. Which finally leads to a stage where back pain becomes irresistible.
Now you should understand you have to work on your glutes to make it stronger to become more productive in your work. If you have a strong glutes muscle you will have an extra edge over others. It hardly takes 10 minutes to work on your buttock muscles.

Importance of having strong glutes for fitness freaks

The people who are looking to have a great physique by working out in a gym. You also have to work on your glutes muscles to have great buttocks. Women are more fond of getting a great separation between their hamstrings and buttocks. This separation is very important for having beautiful legs for women. If you want to have that great legs you have to focus on making your glutes muscles stronger.
For fitness enthusiasts, buttock muscles play an important role. Almost every exercise requires hip power to complete an exercise. A squat is a great example of the exercise that requires glutes muscles to complete the motion. Weak glutes muscles will lead to a reduced range of motion which will lead to poor performance in the gym. You might experience pain in your lower back while performing some basic exercises like bench press and hamstring curls.  

Back pain

Back pain usually occurs due to weak glutes muscles. According to a research bad posture while sitting causes glutes muscles to work more than their limit. Which leads to weak gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus. This puts your lower back to work rather than leaving it on glutes muscles. Leading to intense back pain. There are many physiotherapists out there who suggest sitting as less as possible but this is not advice which you can follow. Most of our work requires sitting at a table to study or to sit in front of a computer to write a blog like I am doing right now. I rather suggest you sit in a good posture for avoiding load on your lower back. You can sit in a good posture but sitting for a longer period still present the danger of weakening your glute muscles.

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There is only one way through which you can get rid of the back pain is by strengthening the muscles of the buttocks. There are some compound movements that do work the muscles of the buttocks. The best example will be the back squat. Back squat works your quads, hamstrings, and most glutes muscles but you should know the right technique and right way to perform a squat. But they do not especially work your gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus. You can try to do more advanced exercises like the deadlift and Romanian deadlifts. To strengthen your hamstrings and glutes but these are complex movements that should not be performed by beginners.   

Top5 Exercises for glutes muscles

There are some specific exercises for glutes muscles. These are easy to perform and do not must any equipment. These exercises can be done on a daily basis because these are not complex movements and you are only doing these exercises with your body weight.
Here are the top 5 exercises that you can do on daily basis to reduce back pain

1.Bird dog

As the name suggests in this exercise the human have to pose like a bird and then have to come back into the position of the dog
Its the simplest but yet the most effective exercise. It strengthens your glutes and hamstrings. It’s not a complex exercise like a deadlift that’s the reason it can be done when you are suffering from back pain or any serious injury.

2.Cat cow

It comes in the second place because you have to perform it. It’s still easier than any other complex exercise. 
It strengthens your glutes and engages your core. It can also be used as a prehab movement because it does not put a strain on your back that’s why it’s very beneficial to perform.

3.Dead bugs

As you know weakness in glutes is because of a weak core. Weak core put a lot of pressure on your glutes which causes pain.
A dead bug strengthens your core. It also activates the stabilizing muscles of the body. It’s very easy to perform and do work your core without causing strains in your back.


Superman is pretty much recognizable to the first movement we talked about. It strengthens your glutes. You may feel a little bit of strain in your back if your glutes are weak.

5.Back extension

This is the last exercise in our count because it should be done after every workout. Back extension stretch all the muscle of your back. It’s very like the movement you do in yoga. It also stretches all the muscles of your core. You can perform this movement as the only exercise you for during your back pain. This movement is very relieving for the back pain. 


You should perform this movement during your injury. Make sure you are completing the 2 week rest period. Keep performing these simple movements until you completely get rid of the back pain you are suffering from
If you think I missed something make sure to let me know in the comment section below.

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