The protein supplement business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the present generation. People approximately spend millions of dollars only on protein supplements. That is a pretty huge amount. Today I am gonna help you by explaining when you should buy protein supplements? and when should you not buy protein supplements?

What are protein supplements?

Protein supplements are a type of nutritional supplement that contains protein in a large quantity. A protein supplement contains 24 gm of protein approx. and a small amount of carbohydrate-based on the brand. Milk-based (whey) proteins are considered one of the best proteins for muscle growth. 
There are two types of protein supplements.
types of protein supplement

You now might know that protein isolate is the best for taking because it contains only protein, unlike protein concentrate which contains some fats. Protein isolate is quite expensive then concentrates.

When should you buy protein supplements?

Protein supplements are almost taken by every person who does some kind of physical activity, which is not right. We all have to understand everyone is different and everyone has different protein needs
We should always try to complete our nutritional requirements with whole foods as much as people. Diet can complete your protein need of the day but you have to eat more. That’s why most people end up choosing protein supplements. Which is completely fine.
Use this 5 step process to decide whether you need a whey protein supplement or not.
-Track your meal for a week on an application like fitness pal.
-Figure out are you completing your protein need for a day.
-If you are completing your need you should not spend your money on supplements.
-If your answer is NO! you should buy a quality protein isolate from a trusted brand like ON and Muscle blaze.
Below are some trusted brand that I used. If you want to buy click on the link below. (affiliate link)
Protein should be taken when you are not able to complete your protein requirements because of one of the following reasons.
 1.Lack of time
 2.Missing meals
 3.Bad quality of meals
 4.Missing foods like eggs, chicken breast and etc.
 Protein cannot be created by our own body so we have to complete our protein requirements by eating and drinking protein-containing foods and drinks.
reason for taking supplements

When you should not by a Protein supplement?

As I mentioned earlier most of us don’t need to spend money on protein supplements. Most people are not doing vigorous training. which requires us to take protein from supplements other than whole meals.
 In today’s fitness  world people have a belief. ”If you are going to gym or doing any physical activity you should buy protein supplements. Which is completely wrong.
 You have to track and map out your protein requirements. Observe are you completing your requirements with your meals and foods.
Do not buy supplement because of these reasons
Most of the people buy protein supplements because of the following reasons
1.By watching some of their friends.
2.For sake of showing off.
-3.Want to pretend they are working hard on their body.
4.Copying athletes.
Have a seat and really think upon these points if you are buying any supplement just for these reasons you are wasting your money.
Try to complete your protein requirement with whole meals because the also provide other vital nutrition like calcium,zinc and many more.
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