Cristiano Ronaldo
After the match of Juventus Vs A.S Roma in Serie A 2020-21. My social media handle was filled up by the question about Cristiano Ronaldo’s crazy leap. Most of you were asking how he can do it again? How does he train? and many more. So today I am gonna tell how Ronaldo does that crazy leaps.
Take a look at the two giant leaps he took at the age of 35.
First of all CR 7 is truly an athlete who always wants to stay at the top. Ronaldo was not gifted by God so he worked his face off to become the greatest athlete and footballer of all time. Its necessary for us to remember that it took years to become the athlete CR7  is now. It’s really hard to believe if someone says he or she doesn’t know Ronaldo. That the kind of legacy this man has. People say he got all the money and my personal favorite he is arrogant. The truth is the man is pure gold, I am sure it will take years for any footballer to come near him in athleticism.
Now heading towards our main question. The simple and easy answer to the question is Work ethic and the right workout plan. Cristiano Ronaldo is not Cristiano Ronaldo without work ethic and the effort he put in daily for improving himself. He works like hell there are many of his teammates that explains the amount of work he put in to improve himself. Former Manchester United player and  Ronaldo teammate Evra told a ridiculous story about Cristiano Ronaldo work ethic he said that “Ronaldo invited him to dinner but that dinner was turned into a practice session, Ronaldo first asked his senior to play two touches and then asked him for a swim and kept pushing him”. Evra told “If Cristiano invites you to his home say “No”. That how this man rules the world of football with his hard work and dedication.  Ridiculously at the age of 35 Ronaldo don’t show any sign of slowing down. Take a look at his body.

How can you jump like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Now lets come at the more technical view, for jumping ridiculously a the height of 71 cm  (2.56 M) you have to have that strength in your lower body. Can you think a soccer player can jump and hang in the air for 1.5 seconds? He jumped higher than the crossbar in a game situation and end up scoring a goal without having significantly lower body strength. If you want to jump at that height you have to build strength in your lower body. Specifically, you need explosive strength in your lower body to jump at that height. Explosiveness is built by doing complex lifts that force you to work with speed and strength. The best example will be of a dumbbell or a barbell snatch. You can also work for explosiveness in the training field with just your body weight. There are many running drills which give a burning like sensation in your quads. Backward and forward run is the best drill I can think of for developing explosive power.
1.Place 3 cones 10 meters apart.
2.Run with full speed till the Cone 1.
Take two-step back and two-step forward without getting into a rest state.
3.Then explode and run toward cone 2. Take two step back and two step forward with fast feet movement.
4.Then finally run with full speed to the cone 3rd.

Nothing is impossible!

If you want to jump as high as Ronaldo do the following things
1.Do complex movements in the gym like Olympic lifts in the gym.
3.Train for speed and agility.
5.Do the hard work and develop patience.
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