As I mentioned in my previous post about the effects of high-intensity workouts. You and I saw how easy it is for amateur or even professional athletes to get injured. So now let’s look at the emotional side of an injury.
So today’s we are going to look at the psychological impacts of physical or sports injury.

Being physically fit is not enough in this cruel world. So it is important to get yourself strong mentally. Unlike any other aspect mental toughness and strength cannot be measured by anyone. You can test your physical strength by completing some tasks. But you can never measure the toughness of your brain.

Many sayings explain the importance of being mentally fit but the one I love the most is “A tough mind can separate you from a suffering body”. It means your mind can fool you out of a suffering situation by just minimizing the pain mentally. You might not be fit physically but if you have mental strength you can separate yourself from the mediocre crowd and be one of the best.

sports injury

There are many books and articles about the power of our minds. One of the best writers of his time Napoleon hill stated in his iconic book that “You can manifest anything in your life if you can see it in your mind”. That quote sums up the whole point. Try to read the iconic book THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon hill. You can buy it or enjoy the kindle edition of it by clicking this link.

There are many books like this The magic of thinking big by David Schwartz also explains the power of the human mind. The writer also goes into detail about how to remove some of the biggest and common issues we face in life. Give it a try to know yourself better.

The whole point of writing this paragraph was just to remind you that how powerful your mind is and how it can manifest everything you want.
Top athletes know the power of the mind and they use them wisely for their performance. Injuries are like scars that have some bad effects on a human being’s mind. It is very important to know what you can go through mentally after being injured.

Let me now explain how every single one of us gets injured emotionally throughout our life.


Injuries are part of our lives.

You do have to accept the fact that every single one of us gets injured in one or another way. It’s a reality we all have to go through this dark phase of life. It is very hard to go through this phase. Most people are too weak to survive through mental injuries or even physical injuries.

Anything can get you emotionally injured. Most of the girls and boys out there get emotionally injured because of their relationship problems and breakups. Whenever anyone gets emotionally injured there thought process and thinking process gets changed. They behave and respond in a very unusual way, which generally pushes away the people who care about them. Causing them more pain.

Any tragic accident can give you traumatic stress. One has to go through a lot to get themselves out of trauma. It always feels like you are still there at that place where that tragedy happened and it seems like it is not getting over. It is pretty bad for anyone’s mind because it often leads you down the wrong path. Everyone goes through this once in their life. So some incidents that didn’t even involve you can get you emotionally injured because it does end up hurting someone you love.

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Most amount injuries are faced by athletes. They always keep getting physically injured. Being injured doesn’t mean you are not capable, it means some of your muscles are weak. A muscle injury is a sign that you need to get that muscle stronger and better. It is just a different approach we have to adapt to get completely healed both mentally and physically.

So everyone gets emotionally or physically injured at some point in their lives. The ones who survive are generally the same person like you but he or she looks it from a different point of view.

Let us now get to the most important part of this article. Next, we will discuss how physical injuries and sports injuries affect us emotionally

How injuries affect us mentally?

You might have noticed the fact that whenever you get physically hurt your mind always has to take some pressure. It means when you get physically injured your mind also gets injured.

Whenever an athlete gets injured his mind also losses some of the confidence and strength it had earlier. It’s like your only identity of yourself is stolen from you. It is very scary and frightening for an athlete to lose the one thing he or she is best in.

sports injury

You might have coaches or team staff around you that accuse you you are not working hard while you are injured. It is the reality thou you cannot work as much as you used to do because your body will not be able to handle that. The worst mistake you can make here is to try to do more than you are allowed to in the gym. The right choice will be to silence those negative voices in your head and have a long-term goal, which can allow you to go through the recovery process. Do what is best for you in long term.

An athlete may feel like he had something stolen from him. So they try pretty hard to get their self-identity back. It is pretty intense and tiring emotionally. It is very hard physically but it’s very difficult to cope with it emotionally.

It’s like they try to run from the fact they are injured physically and also mentally. That is not the real solution and it only hurts them. So it is important to know how to cope with it. So let’s learn about it.

How to deal with the mental effects of being injured.

A human being is naturally attached and believes in his self-identity, and as you know being injured takes that identity and confidence you had earlier. Plus you do feel like you’re in some way betraying your loved ones and your teammates. I know it feels kind of false and lie, but trust me it does feel like betraying everyone. That feeling is certainly not right.

But when you are injured emotionally every lie seems like the truth. Every bad thing that you don’t wanna happen, happens. Sometimes you do feel tired of going through these terrible times. It’s the time when you are at your lowest.

sports inhury

The truth is that you are at your lowest point at this time. The basic advice will be to rest as much as you can. Keep yourself distracted. Work on the other aspects of your life. Especially at the things, you suck. You can always work hard on something that matters to you, it didn’t have to be sports only.

We all athletes aren’t lucky enough to have the right people around us. So it is important to get away from everything that you think can weigh you down.

  • I want you to understand that the old you are dead. I mean you can’t be the same person as you were before getting injured. So accept that fact and move on. So you have almost lost all the abilities you have. It kind of sucks but it is the truth.
  • Losing some of your abilities doesn’t mean you can’t rebuild those. You can get more skilled and powerful than you were before. So trust the process of healing and give yourself time.
  • Keep doing what you can without applying pressure to your injured muscle. After you recover from injury, take every step slowly and work on your basics first. Get those muscles strong again so that you can’t get injured again.
  • That’s the point it takes months to get yourself at the right place again. To become more strong and skilled in your sport. Don’t rush the process and always have faith in yourself. 


sports injury

These are some of the things you can do to be mentally fit during your injury. Always try to remember that all the greatest athletes in the world are known because they dared to make a comeback from injuries and even worse things.

So be a champion athlete and make the greatest comeback. That just means you are stronger and better than the person you were before getting injured.

What doesn’t kills you, makes you stronger.



Let’s sum up what you and I have been learned through this article in an easy way. 

If you have some time to spare read my other two blogs over happiness in life and know how to multiply your gain muscle gains?

  • Sports is no different than life. You will go through tough times but then it will be alright in the end.
  • You should be the one to endure all the physical and emotional pain you have been going through.
  • Never underestimate the power of your mind.
  • Injuries don’t come to make you weak, they always want you to learn from them.
  • You can be stronger and better than before but you need to go slow and steady.
  • Get away from a toxic environment to get to know yourself better.
  • The mentality is everything.
  •  Work on other aspects of your life.
  • The comeback is bigger, stronger, and better.
  • Champions athletes are known for fighting against all the odds to make a comeback.


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