How to run faster.
If you are starting out your fitness journey or you are in the middle of becoming the fittest and most complete athlete. The one hunger every fitness freak and athlete has is how they can run faster?. 
We all know the simple answer to that is speed training. There are more technical improvements you can make to increase your speed.
Speed training plays a major role and the most important role in making you run faster . Every sport require speed even marathons require runners to be fast enough to finish the race. Everyone wants to run fast because it looks great and most importantly impressive.
So here are 5 technical improvements you can make to run faster.
1. Use your knees
2.Bulk up your ankles.
3.Keep your head tall.
4.Maintain hand movement.
5.Engage your core.

Knee act as a junction which drives your whole leg towards the direction you want to run. So it’s very important to use your knee if you want to drive force from your quads and hamstrings. 

So, next time you run make sure you are lifting your knees high enough in every stride. It will help you to extract every power your leg has. If you want to run fast make sure to keep your knees high while sprinting or doing a speed workout.
You can develop this habit by doing a couple of easy drills like
-High knee runs
-Knee hugs
Now you know knees extract force and strength from quads and hamstring. So if you are not able to transfer that strength in your sprints it means nothing.
Strengthen your ankles
It’s very important to strengthen your ankles because it will transfer the force from your whole body into your sprints.
if you want to run faster you need strength in your ankle to protect yourself from injuries.
I cannot stress this enough you have to strengthen your ankles if you want to perform speed training drills.  The ankle is supported by shin and calf so work on your calf muscles and shin
You have to keep your head tall in every situation to be powerful. The same goes for speed and speed training. The human head is the heaviest part of the human body so if you get it straight towards the direction you want to head in. It will control and maintain the balance of your whole body.
So get your head right and maintain your body balance. It will help you speed it up and run faster. Do stability exercised like low plank and high planks.
We are getting back to basics. The most basic of running is to move your hand in a straight line and swing it as fast as possible. Its allow an athlete to cut the wind.
Hand movement

This is the basic of running and it stills work because biomechanically it makes human being more efficient to run faster

The core is the power generator of your body it has many benefits. It keeps your injury-free and makes power transfer much more efficient and reliable for driving your whole body forward.

Engage your core
As I told you Core is a powerhouse it should be clearer to you how much force it transfers while you are trying to run faster or even performing ant speed training drills.
The basic way to engage your core while sprinting is to lean forward and to really feel your core muscles contracting. You should perform some easy core exercises like crunches,bodyweight bridges, and cat and camel movements in your prehab routine or in your warm-up.

Bonus tips

Now you know, what are more critical and technical improvements you can make to run faster and further. I mentioned earlier you should know exactly about speed training to run faster click here to know and understand more.
What are the techniques you are missing to run faster?
Which movement do you find more easier and effective to use?
Do you believe you can be better than you are now?

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