Today’s blog is going to be about procrastination. I know this term is used by almost everyone let them be athletes or anyone everyone suffers. Let’s talk about Procrastination.

I get a lot of questions about procrastination.I feel quite happy that everyone is the same at least in some field.  I will try to explain How you can overcome procrastination.
So questions like How to stop procrastination?
and How to overcome procrastination? these question are really tempting for me because I am  a procrastinator but not a ”chronic

Athletes also procrastinate because we are also humans. The important thing to know is that athletes do not suffer long-term procrastination.

We make something more important than short-term fun and enjoyment. You will learn more as you read this complete blog.

 What is procrastination?

Let me make clear that every athlete and even average population suffers with this habit of delaying important task it is known as procrastination. 
The man that give importance to only tasks that have a deadlines.
You can observe by the definition that everyone do this, If you know anyone that don’t delay important task at some point in their life.
The most successful athletes and entrepreneur also did procrastinated at least once in their life.
So if you procrastinate i am here to tell you ”its alright”. You should not judge yourself over this. You will be fine. Just give yourself deadlines.

Who are procrastinators?

Procrastinator is a person that choose easy and fun over important works. Procrastinators don’t have a bigger picture in his mind, we do thinks that makes us feel happy and joyful in the present.


A proven Non-procrastinator is a rational decision maker. They choose to do things that makes sense. A non procrastinator have a bigger picture in his mind that’s why they do the hard things first.


So you might be in doubt that why did I used the term ”chronic procrastinator”. Don’t judge yourself as you might be the chronic procrastinator its completely OK to be a procrastinator.
Its really fine to be a chronic procrastinator it does not make you evil. It just means you are human being who require deadlines to get a work done. I don’t know why most of us beat ourselves to be a procrastinator.

Inside the mind of procrastinator

Its really helpful to know what goes inside the mind of procrastinator.
A procrastinator gives importance to the things that are easy and fun in the present moment. They do not think about past and does not have a vision for themselves.
Every person has two voices in his brain one that told them to have fun and enjoy in present and the second  voice told them to do important task in the present so they can enjoy later. So if you are procrastinator as I am then you have to make sure you have to agree to the second voice.
Until now I think its pretty sure to you that everyone is a procrastinator because every one have two choices to make at a given moment. Everyone had agreed at some point in their life to do things that make then feel happy.
But if you always agree to the first voice almost every time you can have fun in the short term but in the long term it will lead to guilt and sadness that is why people hate themselves to be called procrastinator.
Procrastinators are keen of instant gratification like most the human beings in the present generation. They choose the path that have short term fun but they don’t realize it also leads to long term regret and guilt.
The only thing that contains procrastination is deadlines. Yes they are very helpful and can contain that first voice of doing easy and fun things. 
So why only deadlines helps to contain procrastination? Its simple answer is that anything that have a deadline makes a person to panic and that is why they stop neglecting important things and start doing important work. 
It should be clear to you that animal named procrastination is only afraid of the the evil named panic.
I will be going to explain the ways to reduce procrastination. The only way that worked for me was giving myself deadlines.

How to overcome procrastination

We athletes are strong and quite charming but we also have voice like other population has. That always tells us  to take the easy choice because we push ourselves harder every day and as you know mind always runs away from the things that are hard and painful. The chances of procrastinating is much higher in athletes that average population.
I agree to one thought that you cannot stop procrastinating but you can contain or reduce it to the level at which it will not effect your progress. 
-Schedule your day= If you wanna stop procrastinating you have to plan your day because by planning and scheduling your day you don’t give your mind chance to provide the second voice.
-Set achievable goals=  You have to set achievable goals that make you feel excited and cheerful. As an athlete you have to understand this because sometimes we set way bigger goals that take much time to achieve. This only gives an excuse to you to procrastinate.
-Set a deadline= If you want to avoid procrastination. You have to set a deadline as I  explained it earlier a deadline wakes the evil panic monster that scares  procrastination.
-What is your why?= If you are an athlete you should know why you are pushing yourself everyday. Its important for every person in this world to know the reason why they are grinding. You reason should be bigger than your excuses.

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