Agility training in the sports world is the most underestimated aspect of training. As we promised we will talk about every aspect of sports training in depth. So here is our take on agility training.

What is agility training?
Agility training benefits?
Types of agility movements?
Agility training for weight loss
Agility training equipment’s

What is agility training?

The definition of agility training is quite simple. it’s the same as you define speed ”The speed at which an athlete can change direction”  is Agility.
So the question rises How fast you can change direction?

You have to know-how to become a successful athlete

Agility training benefits?

The question arises in your mind will be what are the benefits of doing agility training drills?
Benefits of doing agility training are as follows

1. You can mock your opponents.
2. Almost every game involves agility and fast side to side movements.
3. Gives the athlete an extra edge to perform at peak.

Types of Agility movements?

There are two types of agile drill movements.

1.Linear to semi side.
2.Side to Linear movements.

Linear to semi side=These drills contain movements. The athlete first has to move in a straight direction as he can. Then he has to move left or right without facing completely in that direction. 
These agility drills are more effective when you do them without knowing the direction you have to move.

Side to Linear movements= These drills contain movements. which have to first do side to side shuffles and then the athlete has to explode up by running in a straight line.


1.CRICKET=  agility training drills for cricket are quite simple. You can do agility training drills 1-2 times a week depending on how you schedule your training. AGILITY TRAINING PLAN FOR CRICKETERS= CLICK HERE

2.FOOTBALL= agility training for football is very very important. You have to do more agility drills than any other person in the sports world. You have to push the limits and have to do complex movements that should exhaust you. Try to do these drills with a football in your feet. AGILITY TRAINING PLAN FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS= CLICK HERE.

3.BASKETBALL= agility drills for basketball are complex too. It doesn’t require for a basketball player to do agility drills that are more on distance. The athlete should do these drills between the distance of 10-15 yards. You should not do these drills as exhausting or as an endurance workout.

4. American football= agility training drills are for athletes who want to be drafted for NFL should be as intense as a footballer because an NFL athlete needs three skills to be successful      1. Strength     2. Speed        3.AgilityDrills should be intense it shouldn’t be done at low intensity. AGILITY TRAINING PLAN FOR WHO WANT TO BE DRAFTED TO NFL PLAYERS= CLICK HERE

5.RUNNERS= agility training for runners is not important, A runner can do agility training drills just to add fun to his training.

Agility training for
weight loss

Agility training reduces weight, this concept is true but it does not mean you can lose weight doing it. Let’s understand how can we lose weight doing agility training drills.

Studies show when human exercises at a low intensity for a longer period of time body uses fast stores. So, if you are doing agility drills make sure to keep moving and sustain drills for longer. Here it’s about quantity and not on quality.

Agility training equipment’s

Agility training does need some equipment but it’s not necessary. Yes but they provide you with an extra edge in drills. (This section may contain affiliate links)

Agility training cones


-Agility training exercises like side shuffle to sprint or sprint to side shuffle.
-Every sport requires agility to perform at your peak.
-Agility training requires some requirements but its not necessary.


Importance of agility training in sports
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Importance of agility training in sports
Free agility workout plan and guide with full explaination

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