Importance of patience
You must know that everything that matter to you takes time to develop. Life is not  Netflix you can’t binge this. You and I got every possible resource to become what you want. But for some reason I keep making excuses every now and then and I am sure you do the same.
You have to understand Instant gratification is not the possible way to be someone. It takes time and work.It takes time and consistent work to become the greatest in your field. You have to realize that you need patience and discipline to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality.
Let’s explore the need and importance of patience in every specific field.

I struggled with meaningful and important relationships. Truly I never found one and that is the issue with most of our young generation. I am quite sure everyone struggles with relationships in their life. A true relationship is built on love and respect.

importance of patience in relationship

importance of patience in relationships is overlooked by the young generation. See it takes time to develop a sense of belief and love in another person. It does not happen overnight. You have to be true to yourself and to your partner. It does not mean you have to pretend to be someone else in front of your partner for a long time. You should be yourself and give your partner time to accept you and most importantly “Us”.

You have to understand that true love is hard to find and you have to be patient. If you don’t be patient and get yourself involve in random and objective relationships. It will lead you to unwanted stress and in some cases depression.

Most of this young generation wants a set of qualities in our partners and you don’t want to develop those qualities in your own life. So please take the time to develop those qualities on your own. You cannot find love outside of you if you don’t love yourself. Finding a true relationship is hard but it worth it.

That one person makes you feel complete and it feels like everything is possible when you are around them. This feeling is very precious that is the reason why it requires time and patience to find the true person.

Patience for success

"Everything that is most important to me, came slowly".
Gary vaynerchuck

The number one reason why most people don’t succeed is that they don’t have patience. It might seem hard but it’s the truth. The majority of us quit working on our goals because we don’t see results but the minority does not worry about their results as long as they know that they are on the right path.


Being patient does not mean waiting for your rewards without putting in the hard work and consistency. Patience means working aggressively toward your goals and staying consistent.
So for becoming one of the greatest of all time you need to be aggressively patience


. If you want to become the greatest in your field you have to be patient and consistent. I don’t know what success means to you but for me, success is about being happy and to be with the one person who loves me and completes me. The definition of success is different for different people. First of all, know and write your goal in a journal and review it daily.


Now you know what success means to you. The next step is to work towards it relentlessly and staying patient. If you keep grinding and be consistent you will get your result. In India, there is a quote that very efficiently explains the importance of being patient it says “Keep planting trees and take care of them but don’t think about the fruit you are going to get out of the trees”. So keep working hard but never worry about your results they will get better and better over time.


Now you know the importance of patience for becoming successful. Now start grinding towards your goal without wasting any time.

The importance of patience for athletes

s an athlete, we have to wait a long time for getting the right opportunity. You should and must understand the fact there are over a million human beings who are competing against you in your game. This fact alone has discouraged many hopes of young athletes. See this does not mean that is impossible to make your mark on the sporting field in the world. It only means that your sports has a lot of competition and you should be very consistent with your results and hard work.

athlete hub

Think about your strength workouts. You don’t see the results after the first day of your training. Instead, you keep working consistently and then after a month or two, you see your muscles. The same is with sports. Keep trying and trying until you succeed. Don’t ever back down from your challenges. Keep working on your skillset and be patient. It will not take long for you to be a wonderful and passionate athlete.

Young aspiring athletes fail too often in their sports because they don’t have the patience and consistency to wait for their chance and make the most of it. Many sporting legends waited years and years for their chance and when they got their chance they made most of it. That’s how a professional athlete gets a permanent spot for their team. Without patience and hard work, it is not possible to show people what you are capable of inside the field.

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Being patient does not mean that you don’t fight for your spot in that particular team. Being patience just means that you do not take any step in hurry and ruin everything. Understand that if you are calm and compose in every possible situation that defines your career, you can and you will make better and sustainable choices on the other hand if you stay in hurry, you will make bad and regretting choices. Keep it cool and you will be fine.

M.S Dhoni is the best example of the men who stayed calm and composed throughout every decisive and tense game. No wonder why he is the most successful captain in cricketing history. His cool and calm composure helped him to win precious international trophies of the cricketing world. Dhoni likes to be patient and take the game to the end. He did not always get the result we want nut the majority of the time he singles handily wins the game for India.

It is important for an athlete who does not has a name in his/her sport to keep working and to be patient for your opportunity to arrive which can make a huge difference in your life. But you just can’t wait for your opportunity you also have to be ready to grab it.

So keep polishing your skills and become a master in your sport.


So, I hope you realized why it is important to have patience. Developing patience is itself is a long process and it takes practice until it gets into your subconscious mind. So

  • Understand how important your relationships and success is to you.
  • Act sincerely don’t take decisions in anxious and angry moments.
  • It takes time to find or build a meaningful relationship.
  • Everything that matters to you come slowly.
  • Your goals cannot be binged on Netflix.
  • Build trust in your relationships.
  • Be ready and wait for your opportunity in your sport.
  • Staying cool and composed will always help you during important matches.
  • Don’t become an instant gratification monkey.

I hope now you understand the importance of patience in your life. Leave a comment if you think I missed something.

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