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In cricket Fielding is the number one thing now in selection criteria. It’s very important to improve your Fielding if you want to play along with great cricketers. The only thing you need is Agility training drills for cricketers and you will be the best in your state. Agility training drills for cricketers include easy and conditioning exercises that will improve your game. So what are you waiting for read this article and you can become fielders like Johnty Rhodes, Virat Kohli, and Jadeja?

The Virat Kohli you see today is not the person he was from his early days. The simple reason why he got all the fame and records us because he worked hard on his fielding and fitness. It’s important to understand that it took 3 years for Virat Kohli for becoming the athlete he is now. Understand the importance of the process. Enjoy it.
There are many players who played with Virat Kohli in under 19 world cup 2008 but they never made their mark on the game of cricket. The only reason Virat did it because he had a hunger for getting better.
The fundamental reason why he had achieved this much is that he is fitness enthusiastic.
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Why fielding is most important in cricket

We all know how competitive Cricket is nowadays. Around 60% of teenagers in India are competing against each other for getting in that 15 man squad. If you want to separate yourself from the millions of teenagers you have to be extraordinary. 
The way to get in that 15 man squad of your country is by improving your fielding and by becoming the fittest in your team. That’s how you get noticed as a cricketer in any of the cricket playing nations. You can make a difference in any game by improving your cricket fielding.  
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There are some players who played in their nation because they were extraordinary fielder. Examples will be the great Johnty Rhodes who set a standard for the upcoming generation of South African cricketers. AB de Villiers and David Miller are top class fielders so even if they are not performing well with the bat but they still make into the starting line up because of their fielding.
So If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a cricketer then improve your fielding.

Tips to become best Cricket fielder.

Their first step to making progress in anything is to realize where you currently are at that skillset. So I want you to know about your fielding. Ask yourself How good you’re fitness is?
How good you are as a Cricket fielder?
Once you answered these questions now I can tell you the ways how can you improve cricket fielding.
Here are the cricket drills to improve fielding.

1.Eyes on the ball

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That is the most basic knowledge about cricket fielding. Yet we teenagers focus more on our bowling and batting. You have to give time to your fielding practice.
This point should not be denied by young aspiring cricketers. It’s the same as batting if you don’t focus on the ball while batting you will get out. So if you want to improve your fielding get this basic right and focus on the cricket ball as you love it the most.

2.Repetition is the key

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In a recent interview, Delhi capitals player Tushar Deshpande tells that when he asked his idol, Dale Steyn about how he remains at the number 1 position as a bowler for 8 years, Steyn told “Do the good things and you can hold that number 1 position for longer.
The same is with the great Cricket fielders. They keep doing those boring fielding drills over and over again to improve themselves. It is hard but it worth it. You want to improve your fielding do it again and again until you become the best at it.

3.Use a Tennis ball for catching practice

A tennis ball bounces more than a leather ball in hand. It also swings more in the air because of its light in weight. If you can catch high catches with a tennis ball. It will be very easy to catch the leather ball. So do it.
It sounds quite silly but it’s very beneficial to practice catching with a tennis ball. You might have spotted the Indian team doing it and now you know the reason as well. Keep doing these and you will become the best cricket fielder.
Agility in cricket is very important if you want to improve your fielding and running between the wickets. So let’s Look Athletes hub take on it.

Importance of Agility training for cricketers

Cricket is not a stationary game. It’s more about speed and agility than strength. Virat Kohli is a great cricket player because he works more on his speed and agility than strength. Agility is the reason why he runs between the wickets and while fielding as well.

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Speed comes in place when a cricket player has to run in a straight line. For example, the fast bowler has to run in a straight line before bowling. Batsman runs in a straight line while running between the wicket.
Agility in cricket comes in while fielding because Agility means how fast an athlete can change direction. Great cricket fielders had always taken agility training than those who are sloppy cricket fielders. You have to work on your agility way more than strength training. I don’t want to recommend completely ignore strength training because it’s important as well. You have to balance conditioning and strength training.

Agility and speed training drills for cricketers

If you are more agile as a cricketer it will help you in every aspect of your game. It will help you to turn while taking the run. Agility also helps to become a better cricket fielder. I did not mention above that you have to very agile to dive in the field like Jadeja and Virat Kohli.

Perform speed and agility training every day for 40-50 minutes. While performing agility drills focus more on quantity.
Agility training drills for cricketers are like that of footballers because footballers focus more on agility than cricket players. That could be the reason why Virat Kohli admires Cristiano Ronaldo. You can improve your cricket fielding by doing agility training drills more.
Here are the speed and agility drills for cricketers.

1. Zig-Zag Run

The basic agility drill almost used in every sport. Maintain your balance while moving sideways.
-Take 10 cones. Place them at one foot apart.
-Move sideways by keeping your whole body at a 45-degree angle
-Try to complete it as fast as possible.
One of the best and easiest agility drills for cricket.

2.Shuttle run

Its like running runs in cricket. The challenge is to how fast can run straight and then turn and run back again like you run between the wickets.
-Place two cones 20 yards apart
-Run from cone 1 to cone 2 and then turn to run back at cone 1.
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3.Lateral shuffle

Lateral shuffle is more useful for cricket fielders. That’s the way a cricket fielder takes a start to get in a ready position.
-.Place 3 cones in a line. 5 yards away
-Get your body in a 90-degree position.
-Shuffle laterally from cone 1 and cone 3
Keep your center of gravity low and move fast.

4.Lateral shuffle to sprint

This drill is more cricket fielder specific because in this agility drill you have to sprint after shuffling. It will do improve your speed as a cricketer. 
-Place 3 cones.
-At the same distance around 20meter
-Shuffle laterally from cone 1 to cone 2 
-From cone 2 get into sprinting position without pausing.
-Sprint as fast as you can to cone 3.

5.Lateral single leg jumps

5.Lateral single leg jumps
This agility drill is designed for producing producing explosiveness while working on agility as well.
-Stand on single leg and jump sideways from one leg to another.



Hope it helped you to become a better Cricket fielder. . If you want to download PDF file of this agility training drills for cricketers.

Tell me if I had missed. anything.

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In cricket, Fielding is the number one thing now in selection criteria. It's very important to improve your Fielding.

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