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I will be surprised if I came to know you didn’t hear or tried of the ketogenic diet. Its the one of the most famous diet in the fitness world for a couple of years now. The ketogenic diet has benefits for losing weight but its also very dangerous. The ketogenic diet reduces the fat level and gives you the right body composition. Today we at athletes hub are going to explain some dangers of the ketogenic diet plan.

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So ketogenic diet was first designed by Dr. Russel Wildr back in 1924. He didn’t know how famous this ketogenic diet will become in the 21st century. All thou he designed this ketogenic plan to treat epilepsy but now this diet is used by billions of people for losing weight.
In a ketogenic diet, you have to consume more fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. Bodyworks in a state of ketosis, so the bodies produce ketones in the blood. Surely Dr. Russel Wildr designed this diet for treating diabetics related problems and diseases
We humans use carbohydrates as fuel for our body to perform different activities or workouts. Carbohydrates replenish our glycogen stores and it the main fuel for high-intensity workouts. In the ketogenic diet plan, our body has to function with the least amount of carbohydrates.

Dangers of ketogenic diet

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Lets now look at the harms ketogenic diet can give to your body if you avoid don’t take precautions.
1. Micro-nutrient deficiency=
A ketogenic diet avoid the person to eat enough or the required amount of carbohydrates. If you don’t consume carbohydrates from quality foods you will suffer from a deficiency of micronutrients like Thiamine, Iron, Calcium, potassium, and magnesium causing more harm than good. So please try to consume carbohydrates from quality foods like oats, nuts, and fish oil. According to the basic concept of the ketogenic diet, only 6-10% of your calories should come from carbohydrates.
2.Decrease in performance
you experiment with different diets like ketogenic and carbo-loading in your off-seasons. You shouldn’t play with your diet in competitions as this can cause reduce your performance and the intensity of your play can be lacking. Carbohydrates is like fuel and your body will not function without carbohydrates. Carbohydrates replenish the glycogen stores, helps in recovery, and do many functions. Ketogenic diet cuts every athlete short on carbohydrates.
3.Can cause dehydration and brain fog
When you go on a ketogenic diet you rely more on fat then carbs. This causes metabolic shift which can lead to many unwanted conditions like dehydration and brain fog which is no one wants. So do take time to find the more nutritious foods then deep fried junk foods. Try to add more fruits in your diet like avocado and guava.
4.May increase cholesterol level
In ketogenic diet plan you have to eat more fat and this can increase the amount of blood lipids which leads to increased cholesterol levels. Increased cholesterol level leaves a man open to many harmful heart diseases. Please contact your doctor before taking any of these diets which can cause serious issues to your bodies.
5.Can make your blood acidic
There is a special disease which can be cause by only ketogenic diet plan and it is known as Keto acids. So too much amount of ketones in the blood can make your blood acidic and can cause serious problems. Symptoms of keto acids are headache,fatigue, sleeplessness and loss of consciousness. If you recognise any of the written symptoms contact your doctor as quick as possible and you should stop ketogenic diet immediately.
Some foods you can consume in ketogenic diet plan are 
2.Virgin oil
3.Nut butter
6.Fish oil
7.Whole egg

guidelines for Ketogenic diet.

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  • Consult your doctor before going on a ketogenic diet.
  • Choose the right foods that are more helpful than others.
  • Remember if you see any symptoms of keto acid stop your diet right away and contact your healthcare professional.
  • Ensure you don’t have any medical issues.
  • 70-75% calories from fat
  • 20-25% calories from protein
  • 5-10% calories from carbohydrates.
How many of you are planning for a ketogenic diet?
How many of you had gone through a ketogenic diet?

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