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Strong legs are like the tire of a car that can sustain any amount of load you put on it. Legs provide you the strength to perform every little movement you do to work, run, walk, jump, and even swim. So it’s very important to have strong legs to function more efficiently and strongly.

I know Most of the people don’t do leg workout. They are too busy in work,job or in studies these are all valid excuses. I want to tell you that its only take 15 minutes to do no equipment leg workout.So if you can’t take out 15 minutes from your busy schedule to do a no equipment leg workout you are lazy and afraid of change. Workout for legs at home.
If you are not one of the people who make excuses. I got very special piece of knowledge for you. Today I am gonna tell you how you can get those strong and bulky leg muscles to enhance your day to day life. It only takes 15 minutes . So if you want to strong legs here is a no equipment leg workout. Its hard to handle weights for the people who are starting out so the workout is also going to be a no weight leg workout.  
The workout I am gonna share with you today is a no equipment leg workout you can do these exercises anywhere so it is also a workout for legs at home. The movement given below should be performed slowly and in control manner.
Every exercise should be done for 10 repetition and do 5 sets of each exercise.
The most basic and easiest movement to perform is a squat. Its a compound movement which works you whole lower body. It even works your core and make it more stable. The fun part is that everyone who are in fitness world do this movement because its so beneficial and easy to perform.
For performing a squat you have to find a place in your home or in office with some space. 
1.Stand straight with legs shoulder width apart.
2.Keep your back arched and bend at your knees.
3.Imagine you are sitting on a chair. Your weight should be on your whole leg.
4.Make sure your knees are not moving beyond your ankles.
5.Stand straight by driving your hip forward.
6.Make sure your lower back is at neutral position during the movement.

2. Lunges

Lunges are easy. They give you pain and they are very effective both with weights and without weights that’s why I called this exercise a devil.
If you want strong legs you have to do lunges because they work your quads and hamstring and the also stretch your hip flexor . In this series of workout for legs without weight this exercise stand alone at number 1 position. 
For performing lunges you need a small space in your home or in your office.
1.Stand straight with your back straight and head high.
2.Step one leg backward.
3.Try to go as down as you possibly can by bending your knees.
4.Feel the stretch in your hips and quads.
5.Then straighten your knee for releasing tension.
6.Perform for a particular no. of reps and sets on another leg as well.

3.Bulgarian Squats.

Its another very easy exercise. It requires no weights and it also works the most useful muscle the quads. Its very easy to perform but require a chair,table or a bed like I did in the video. 
1.Find a bed or a chair.
2.Place you one leg ankle on the bed.
3.Keep your head high and chest forward.
4.Bend your forward leg as down as you can.
5.Feel the stretch on you quad.

4.Single Leg Deadlift

I know you might be feeling anxious when you read the word deadlift but single leg deadlift can be performed by everyone who is willing to do. This is the first exercise for your hamstrings. Hamstrings are back bone of you leg. These muscles are very important that’s why its very important to include this exercise in your legs workout in home.
1.Bend your left leg and stand on the right.
2.Slightly bend your knee of the right leg.
3.Try to touch your toes of your right leg without using left leg.
4.Come straight back up by driving your hips.

We specially included this exercise to make it easier for you to move to the next level of the fitness world. You want strong legs if you want to achieve more.

5.Step Ups.

Step ups are necessary if you want strong legs. This easy movement works your whole leg including your glutes. This movement is performed by you every day if you have a apartment on second or third floor. It is same as climbing your stairs.
If you want you can do this exercise in your stairs or if you person who love challenges do this movement on a chair. 

So this is the core movement of this leg workout in home.  

6. Body weight Bridges.

So until now we had worked the quads and hamstring. Now we are going to work glutes. Glutes support the lower back so if you have any pain in your lower back it means your glutes are weak. This exercise works glutes and if you are a beginner it will work your hamstring as well.

1.Lie down on your back and fold your legs at a comfortable distance.
2.Place your hands on side palm facing upwards
3.Now lift your hips above the ground.
4.Squeeze your buttocks.
5.Hold for 10-20 seconds then come to starting position.

7.Wall sit

You have to finish strong. Remember the squat we performed in the start of this leg workout without weight. You have to do the same movement but this time you to hold this position with the help of a wall. This will give you a burning sensation if you do it correctly and hold for longer time.

The wall sits impacts your core as well and works stabilizing muscles as well. Hold this for 30-60 seconds and make sure as you progress try to hold it for longer time.


This is your complete no equipment  leg workout. If you do this workout honestly and consistently  you will achieve your goals of getting strong legs.

Make sure to stay hydrated during the workout. Get the right nutrition for best results. If you want to you can add weights to this workout as you get stronger overtime. 


How long you can stay consistent?
The food you eat will impact your results so take to read my post over nutrition and its importance.

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