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We all know how important for every one of us to maintain our cardiovascular health to live a healthier life. We all get bored by doing a single workout over and over again. The same is the case with a cardio workout. So for giving you guys new challenges and a new way to work on your cardiovascular health we had prepared a new cardio plyo workout.

Cardio workouts only work your conditioning and health but the plyo workout I am going to give you today will provide you with the following benefits=
4.Increase force production
5.Cardio health
These are the only some major benefits of doing plyo workouts. It’s really important to do varieties of workout every now and then to give your muscles a new challenge. You can do plyo exercises using a resistance band as well to just push yourself a little more. Plyo workouts use stretching and shortening cycle of muscle which helps to improve force production and recruits fast-twitch fibres. Most importantly plyo workouts. Unlike any cardio workout plyometric movements, work to increase strength by giving you a hard time breathing.

Now you know why I am suggesting you vary your cardio training with plyo workout that I am going to provide you. So now without wasting any time just take a look at the workout.

Cardio Plyo workout

Make sure to these exercises with the least amount of rest as possible to give work your cardiovascular health.
Reps and sets of every exercise are provided at the end after the explanation of every exercise.

1.Squat jumps

You are going to start slow and easy. Squat jumps are the basic plyo movement that I am sure you know very well.
1.Sit down into a partial squat
2.Jump up by extending your knees and hips.
3.Land back softly into a partial squat.
This plyo movement will help you to give a sensation of burning in your thighs.

2.Tuck jumps

Tuck jumps work your core and legs at the same time. When you do a tuck your main focus is to get your knees up to your chest. This action needs the explosiveness of your leg muscles and core strength as well. If you keep doing these regularly you might see a gradual increase in your ability to jump higher.
1.Jump as high as you can but focus on bringing your knee up to your chest. softly on your both feet.
Progression of this movement is a single leg tuck jump which is an advanced plyo move.


3.Alternating lunge jumps

This plyo movement is building for developing explosive strength and to make you feel exhausted. As the name suggests it is the same as doing lunges but in lunge jumps you have to jump forgive a hard time to your quad muscles and your hip flexors


4.Plyometric box jumps

This is the most used exercise by the athletes who need a short burst of energy. Plyo box jumps will work your whole lower body for extracting strength. substitute for plyo box can be a bench or a bed of some challenging height.

5.Plyo push ups

You should finish this plyo cardio workout strong so make sure to this advanced version of push-ups correctly and with the intensity. This plyo push-up will help you to build strength in your upper body. These plyo push-ups will use your core to maintain the balance.

Important instructions

Use this workout as a substitute cardio workout but make sure you are not doing this workout every day. This cardio plyo workout will strengthen your muscles as well. So you have to give your body some time to recover from this plyo workout.
Make sure you do a dynamic warm-up to activate every muscle in your body. It will help you avoid any unwanted injuries.

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