With the right diet and composition of nutrients and diet, an athlete can enhance his performance even more. So it is Very Important to know about sports nutrition.

you also need the right mindset and workout knowledge for it.

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  • What is Sports Nutrition?
  • Importance of sports nutrition.
  • Basics of sports nutrition.
  • Important sports Supplements.

What is Sports Nutrition?

Sports nutrition is the word everyone is familiar with but do you know the right definition of it, Most of us think sports nutrition is all about supplements but it is not. Supplements like whey protein, Creatine, and branched Amino acids are only part of it. Let’s understand the term sports nutrition. related words as well as sports nutritionists.

Sports nutrition is the practice of diet and Nutrition to improves the physical appearance and performance of an athlete.

This is also essential for common people in short you don’t need to be a professional athlete to follow a strict diet.

Importance of sports nutrition.

Sports nutrition is important for each athlete it can enhance your performance as well as training quality. Think of your body as a motorbike if you don’t put oil in it. It will be rusty in driving. If you put oil in it to make every part of the motorbike run smoother. This simple step will boost your bike life span and quality. So if you put the right nutrition’s in it it will boost your performance in the field. 

Sports nutrition is also important for human beings who are less active and are not involved in any sports activity. Right nutrition knowledge can help a man to make grand changes in their life. For example, Karan was the one I worked with, he was working in a typical 9-5 job in a multinational company. At the same time, he was also pursuing his passion by spending his time to start his own company.

He always told me to prepare a diet plan in such a way that his body can recover faster and he requires less sleep and he can give more time to his company. So, my job as a sports nutritionist is to prepare his diet which has the proper amount of nutrition’s so he needs less sleep and can grind for much longer. I did exactly that in fact now Karan sleeps for only 5 hours.

It can have a huge impact on your life.

Basics of sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is a study that can take a lot of time for someone to complete. Sorry. I cannot explain to you about the whole concept because it will take me around  2-3 months to complete a blog about sports nutrition.

For today lets understand some basics of sports nutrition.


Carbohydrates are essential for human beings it provides energy to a human body for doing work. There are two types of Carbohydrate Complex and simple. Simple carbs are recommended by most because it gets dissolved in human blood cells in the form of blood sugar which is later used as glucose to give you energy. An example of simple carbs is dairy products that contain natural sugars.


Complex carbs but are very reliable in long term because it provides with you energy for longer period of time. Because it take hours to breakdown these carbohydrates to give you energy. Example if you will eat complex carbohydrate in breakfast it will provide you with energy until evening.


You have to keep an eye on your fat intake but you should not remove it from your diet. These fats are a very important source of energy as well. There are two types of fat Saturated and Unsaturated. Saturated fats are bad for your health if you eat them they are known to increase your risk of disease like a heart attack. According to studies, Saturated fats are pro-inflammatory. Examples are Pack snacks that contain a large amount of fat in it.


Saturated fats preferred to everyone as they are anti-inflammatory as they are very less processed. Examples are milk and other dairy products.


Proteins are actually amino acids that help your body to recover and it also builds muscles. These are not produced by the body so you have to get it through your diet to perform and train better.   A common mistake people make is they eat lots amount of protein-rich foods because they think it will get them to their goals faster.


The latest studies have shown that if you eat more protein than your body needs then that excess amount of protein will be used as a source of energy. So in simple words, it will act like carbohydrates if you eat lots amount of protein-rich foods. Examples of protein-rich foods are Egg, chicken breast, chickpeas, and soya rich foods. They speed up your recovery if you take them as Post-workout meals.   To buy genuine and trusted protein supplements see the next section.  

Sports supplements

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Optimum nutrition is one of the best protein makers out there. They are very trustworthy and gets appreciated all around the world because of there products.

ON whey protein provides 24 gram of protein in one scoop as well as 5% Natural occurring BCAA.

It will help you recover faster.

Muscle Blaze is a real household name in India because it provides a quality product at an affordable prices. You can notice they are cheaper than ON Whey protein. It will help you recover faster.


BCCA stands for branch amino acids. If you can’t afford whey protein you can use BCCA to get recover from the intense training season.

BCCA doesn’t provide a large amount of protein but it can help you if you take them twice a day. One of the best BCCA products is mentioned below.


Creatine should be taken as a pre-workout drink, not as a protein drink.
Should be taken by advanced athletes only because it can give huge problems to beginners.

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