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Next time you make excuse for not doing sprinting. Read this article for a minute and you will never make excuses for sprinting sessions.
Sprints are short burst of energy and it utilizes our whole muscle, unlike any other exercise or workout. If you already do sprint workouts and want to get faster.
We all know the current world record holder of the 100m sprint is Usain Bolt. He amazingly sprinted his way towards the finish line in 9.58 seconds which is quite amazing. Sprinting has amazing benefits. If you don’t do sprinting workouts you should start because it has many health benefits as eating a couple of apples every day. Here are 7 health benefits of sprinting by athlete hub.

1.Increase in human growth hormone.

Several studies have found that sprinting increases human growth hormone. Human growth hormone plays part in organ and bone growth. HGH also balances hormone which ultimately results in better sleep and works efficiency. 
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2.Weight loss

Sprints are short burst of energy. Researchers had found that sprints are very helpful if you are seeking to lose weight. Sprints improve fat oxidation. If you sprint with an empty stomach it will increase the amount of fat you burn. When the human body doesn’t have carbohydrate to use it turn toward your fat stores and extract energy from your fat stores

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3.Increase Fast Twitch muscle fibers

Sprinting uses fast-twitch muscle fibers. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are very powerful but they cannot work for a longer period of time. Sprinting makes fat twitch muscle fibers more effective. Sprinting increases the amount of fast-twitch fibers. Most of the sports use fast-twitch muscle fibers. If you want to perform well in your sports you should focus on increasing your fast-twitch muscle fibers by speed training.

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4.Rebuild mitochondria

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Mitochondria is a powerhouse of cells. Mitochondria supports and acts as a leader of the cell. If your mitochondria are at the best state it can be and if it getting rebuild consistently. Sprinting helps in rebuilding mitochondria. So you will have higher energy, good sleep, and mental clarity.

5.Build muscle

As we know sprinting is a short burst of energy and gives our body rest between. Sprinting is an aerobic activity it means that it doesn’t must oxygen and you might not know that the exercises you do in the gym are also anaerobic activity. The process helps in building muscle. So you can lose weight and build lean muscle at the same time by doing sprints. 
Sprinting also promotes protein synthesis, so you can recover faster and better.

6.Improve Aerobic Capacity (VO2 max)

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Sprinting is an exercise that really pushes your limits and especially your muscles to work faster then they are used to. Thou they also increase the amount of oxygen you can take at a particular time period. Increased aerobic capacity will have a whole different impact on a person’s lifestyle. If you have the more aerobic capacity you can do physical activities for a longer period of time In other words sprinting also increases your stamina.

7.Makes your heart stronger

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You might be surprised to know that sprinting workouts are way more beneficial to the heart than any other activities like jogging or walking. As you know sprinting is a short burst of energy, so it pushes your muscles to work faster. Muscles can only perform better if the heart provides it enough amount of blood so the heart pumps more amount of blood faster. If you do sprints regularly and consistently it will strengthen the heart muscles protecting you from many chronic heart diseases like heart attack and many more life-threatening diseases.  

Do it properly and consistently

So now you know the benefits of sprinting but you should do it more properly and consistently to maximize your result. Get the basics right. The warm-up should be the majority before any sprinting drill or speed training. Take at least 10-15 minutes to warm up all your muscles like quads, hamstring, and hip flexor. Once you did the warm-up start sprinting by giving 70% effort in your first two sprints and slowly progress to 100% effort. Make sure your sprints are focused on quality than quantity. Ensure proper rest between every sprint. Take proper nutrition and get hydrated after every workout.


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