Hey, guys, it’s been a long time since I uploaded my previous blog post about the pros and cons of social media and why I think it makes our life more frustrating to live with.

So You may have noticed the title of this blog post. It is not a blog post it is just a reminder to all the overthinkers and worried people of the world. But more than that it is a reminder for me.

I thought my problems aren’t different from any other teenager living in this world. So why not share this solution or a moto with others. It will leave me vulnerable, but it is a good thing because it makes me feel different from these mediocre teenagers I live around.

Without any further or boring line. Let’s get straight to the point.

Teenagers and even adults attach their happiness and fulfillment to materialistic things. Most of us think that we need other people and materials to complete ourselves and be happy. No offense but all these thoughts are B.S. We all are capable to do what we want but we make the mistake of thinking we are not enough or complete. That’s exactly why I and you always feel worried and anxious almost all the time.

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The only solution to that problem is to stop chasing material things and simply work for getting better and everything falls into place. Honestly speaking I don’t know it’s true or not all the happy and fulfilled human beings of this planed followed this path because it makes us calmer and more focused on ourselves.

Most of us want good clothes, expensive accessories and many other material things but we don’t want to go through hard times. Enjoying and having fun on the journey is the most important and courageous thing any of us can do. Everything we desire is on the other side of struggles.

Stop taking life too seriously.

Most of us are overthinkers. When you are an overthinker you analyze every thought that comes to your mind and it puts you in difficult situations most of the time. An overthinker always assumes the reply of the other person, So they back off without even trying. We make up our minds way before the situation arrives. Sometimes that helps us to fight against adversity but most of the time it puts us deeper in the self-created hole.

You, me, and everyone who is reading this blog know somewhere down the road we forgot how to enjoy the things we love the most. As we grew we became more focused on the end goal rather than enjoying the present. That slowly takes that love away from the things that you loved the most. Nothing is more important than the present moment you are living in, whatever you do at this moment is gonna affect your future. So I think it’s better to stop thinking about the past and future because the most important thing is the present and everything is secondary.

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We are the ones who stand in our way. There is not anyone else who can stop you from being happy or achieving your dreams. The thoughts that come to your mind are the one who dictates your life. It’s all about the story you tell yourself why it is or it isn’t possible. The only thing you have to do is convince yourself that it is possible and the rest will become easy for you.

It’s important to understand that not everything is about you and remember to enjoy your life now and then because life is uncertain and you can never tell what is going to happen tomorrow. So isn’t it better to be grateful and enjoy what you have today and keep working for a better tomorrow?

Enjoy the Uncertainty of life.

I know fact that uncertainty can be scary and as matter of fact it is. It’s normal to be scared if you don’t know what’s coming but it is not good to let that fear control your mind and affect your decisions.

Rather than sitting in fear about what is gonna happen next you and I should be grateful for the things that happened to us because no one can promise you about tomorrow. That is the fun part actually because it makes you feel excited about tomorrow.

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We all should be open to change. You can never walk through life with the same attitude or even the same rules. Sometimes you have to bend those rules a little bit, you should change your behavior and attitude according to the situation life throws at you. That’s the only way to be a successful human being. Adaptability is what separates good from great.

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At last, I just wanna say feel free to express yourself. Sometimes it’s good to act like you are the only human being left on the earth. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself nobody is judging you. In reality, whatever they think about you doesn’t matter because you are the owner of your life. Never let anyone control your decisions and actions. Stop taking life too seriously. Have fun in whatever you do.

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