Time management

There is a quote that reads ” Time is more precious than money”. It is a fact that time is the most valuable thing a human has and it solely depends on you how you utilize it. Every fulfilled human being on this planet had used their time to be more efficient and productive in their field. Have you ever asked yourself why they are successful and you are not? Being mediocre I often ask this question to myself and now I think I probably have found the right answers to this question. Now I want to share that answer with everyone out there who tries to find out the main difference between a successful person and a mediocre or average man.

"Time is money"

“Time is money” I heard these lines many times from my dad even when I was seven years old. I never understood it thou. As I grew up I got to know how important money is in this world to survive or live. I do accept that I didn’t know the importance of money until I heard a news report saying that people are killing their family members for money.

Anyone who is not from India might be surprised to know that most of the crimes in our country happen within the family and there are only two reasons for that Money and Land. So land is equivalent to money so I can sum up that money is so important to people that they are ready to take the life of their family members.

So by hearing about these criminal activities I learned about the importance of a piece of paper(money).

Time management

I never understood at an early age how can you compare money to time but as I got to my final year of high school where everything I did was making a routine and following them for getting more workouts and studies done. I knew from that moment that the more time I spend on things that matter the more amount of money I can make in the future.

I will say time is more precious than money because you can earn your money back after losing it but you cannot earn your time back when it’s gone.

So the more time you spend being productive the more money you have. Just think about it dude we all have an equal number of times in a day but some of us are successful and most are not.

How you spend your 24 hours determines whether you will be successful or not. So what I think we teenagers have to understand our priorities and manage our time smartly between having fun and developing our skills.

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"We all have an equal number of hours in a day"

Now let’s face the hard part. I and you always keep asking ourselves why aren’t we earning the same money as Elon musk and Cristiano Ronaldo does. Usually what I used to do is blame my destiny that I am born here have this and that, all kinds of bullshit excuses that aren’t true.

But now I know that the correct answer to that question is I waste a lot of time on things that don’t help me in becoming more efficient and successful. O the other hand successful people like Elon musk and Cristiano Ronaldo use their time efficiently so that they can become the best in their field. That’s the only difference between me and the greatest athletes in the world. There are no secrets and complex things that your role model does and you don’t.

Time management

What matters is how they utilize their day and how you do it. If you wanna be better than your role model you have to utilize their time better than they do. Like Work an hour more than them. Outwork them and slowly these small things will make a huge difference.

Understand how ridiculous it sounds that every billionaire and every average or broke man have the same number of hours a day and the only thing that separates them is their drive to utilize those hours and be more productive.

So start utilizing your time for being more productive and efficient and you will lead yourself to a better life.

"Technology is wasting our time"

This fact is true and we all know that but some of us still believe technology is not wasting our time. I don’t know about you guys but I was used to wasting a bunch of hours just checking my social media feeds or just scrolling through games.

See you have to accept that everything has its importance and as a human being you and I should try everything we have. So you must try playing different things just to explore and for fun but everything should have a time limit.

Time management

Every good and bad activity has a limit to it. For example, if you are doing some research on computers and how they work. Say you spend 15 hours researching about them then your thoughts will have a bad effect on your mental health. On the other hand, if you spent 3-4 hours researching about them and use the remaining time to play some games or spending time with your loved one. It will be quite beneficial for your mental health and thought process.

I used the above examples just to make clear that we should use our smartphones and computers but for a limited number of times on a particular day. So it won’t affect your productivity and efficiency.

Remember technology is a tricky thing with the right use it can make you a self-efficient man and with its wrong use can it can destroy your life and make you mentally unfit.

time management

So, we as a younger generation are wasting our time scrolling through other people’s feeds which makes no sense if we talk about it now. We keep comparing other people’s lives with ours just to feel bad about ourselves. Without realizing it you are comparing yourself with others you are insulting yourself because everyone is unique.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we humans should embrace our uniqueness to be more fulfilled and happy.

We teenagers should limit our time on social media to be more productive and to have fewer mental problems. More importantly, spending less time on social media increases our chances of having healthy relationships with others.

I will write an article about “How to manage your time” if you guys
suggest me in the comment section.

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Let’s now summarise the whole article to give you a better understanding. Once again thank you for reading this article. If this article added any value to your life make sure to share it with others.

  • Time is more valuable than money. The more you utilize your time to be efficient the better amount of money you earn. Always make the time a priority.
  • Teenagers and millennials and even some old people waste their time on useless things that don’t matter to them.
  • It is important to enjoy the life you have so we should make time for doing activities that makes us feel alive or even to experience the thrill.
  • Making time for your loved ones is important to make you feel mentally fit.
  • Make sure to have fun now and then to make your life a memorable one.
  • The only difference between a successful person and an average person is that the average person doesn’t utilize their time efficiently and a successful one does.
  • We all have an equal number of hours a day. How we use that time differentiates us from successful people.
  • We nowadays spend a lot of our time on technology. If we use it properly it can make us very efficient. On the other hand, if we misuse it can make us very miserable and inefficient.
  • Comparing yourself with others is insulting yourself and social media is the tool that encourages us to compare ourselves to others.
  • Make sure to limit your time especially on social media to have a better life.

Turns out that managing your time is an important thing to live a fulfilled life.

If you found anything that I can improve in this article make sure to suggest that in the comment section. I will be more than happy to listen from you guys. 

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