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Virat Kohli might be known for being aggressive and animated on the field but what most people don’t know aboUt his journey. Virat Kohli’s journey is very inspiring for every aspiring young cricketer. The man went through many ups and downs that might be the reason why he is considered the best batsman of this generation.
Virat Kohli is one of the most stylish and talented Indian captains, Virat Kohli shined under M.S Dhoni. Soon after the most successful captain handed the responsibility of Indian team captaincy to Virat Kohli.
Virat Kohli’s age is 31 years. He was born on 2 November 1988. He is stylish with his bat and also with his looks. He had some best hairstyles, take a look at his best hairstyles until now.

Virat Kohli net worthย  $75 million as of October 2020. He is one of the most paid cricketer in the world. He is breaking all the milestones of cricket. He is on his prime of his career and it does not look like he can be stopped. The things were not the same from the early days. Virat kohli is not someone who got everything from the start of his career. He struggled and suffered a lot.

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irat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988 in a middle-class Punjabi family. His dad Late Prem Kohli was a criminal lawyer by profession and his mom was a housewife. Virat Kohli loved the game of cricket from his early days. Virat Kohli’s father played a very important role in shaping Virat’s life. Virat Kohli says “My dad is the person who helped me to become the man I am. My dad was very humble and always supported me for playing cricket”.

The hardest part of Virat Kohli’s life was his father’s death. Virat’s father Late Prem Kohli died when Virat Kohli was only 18 years old. It was the toughest phase of Virat Kohli’s life. His father got a brain homepage which made his left side paralyzed and the next day he got a cardiac arrest and he died.

Surprisingly Virat Kohli delayed his father’s funeral for playing a Ranji trophy match. He batted that day for Delhi and returned in the evening for completing his dad’s funeral. This incident shows how much Virat Kohli was passionate about cricket. Later Virat’s mother Saroj Kohli told “Virat delayed his dad funeral for playing a Ranji trophy match, that reflects the lessons his dad taught her”

This incident shaped the character of Virat Kohli as a person. Virat’s brothers said in an interview “After the death of our dad Virat became more passionate and responsible and we all know he is going to play at the highest level”. He told this in an interview on Star Sports network.

The one where Virat Kohli became recognizable

Virat Kohli is gone through many ups and downs before becoming a name that most people know. Virat faced many rejections before making his first breakthrough. He struggled a lot for making his way into the Delhi state team.
The first breakthrough of Virat Kohli came in 2008. Virat was going to captain the U-19 Indian team for the world cup. It was a great opportunity for young Virat Kohli to make a mark on the cricket world.

The first breakthrough of Virat Kohli came in 2008. Virat was going to captain the U-19 Indian team for the world cup. It was a great opportunity for young Virat Kohli to make a mark on the cricket world.

Virat Kohli leads the Indian U-19 team to lift the world cup. Virat and his teammates were amazing, they thrived towards the world cup. That U-19 world cup provided many superstars to the cricketing world. Amazingly Kane Williamson, Ravindra Jadeja, Tim Southee, and Ben stokes are some names who are the best players of this era.

Virat Kohli did stand out from these guys because Virat was aggressive and very passionate about winning. Not everyone who played the U-19 World cup gets a place in the Senior Indian team or become one of the best cricket players ever. One of the examples would be of the highest run maker of that U-19 WC 2008 Tanmay Srivastav. Tanmay scored around 500 runs for Virat’s Team but he didn’t earn a spot in the Indian team until now. Tanmay Srivastav recently announced his retirement from cricket at the age of 31. The example of Tanmay Srivastav represents that not everyone who is talented gets a spot on the Indian national team. One has to work hard to deserve it.

irat Kohli never looked back from that point in his career. After that U-19 WC, he was brought by RCB in the first season of the IPL. RCB management and players have so much trust in Virat that they never sold him.

Now you know that life is not as simple as it sounds. Virat Kohli faced a hell of lot of challenges again but he made a comeback again. Let’s see how Virat Kohli faced his second-biggest setback and how he overcame it.

The Second setback

Virat Kohli was now playing IPL and also made his Indian team debut and until 2011 he became a certain part of the Indian team. Thanks to Indian captain and Indian great M.S Dhoni he supported Virat Kohli when he was young and was not performing consistently.
Might be because M.S Dhoni knew that Virat Kohli will become a great athlete and will break all the milestones.

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M.S Dhoni was certainly right but the support he provided to Virat Kohli was not helping him towards a great career. Virat earned a lot of money till the young age of 21 and he was probably misusing it.ย Virat said, “Until my present wife Anushka Sharma came into my life I was very messed and not serious about my game. I was not focusing on my fitness and on my cricket enough”. He also told me that he was hosting and doing parties almost every day. Virat also confessed in that interview that the possible reason why he was not scoring runs consistently can be his fitness and bad eating habits.

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""Behind a successful man stands a woman"

This saying is perfectly true in Virat Kohli’s career. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Finally got married after long years of relationship and they are going to have a baby soon. Anushka Sharma announced on her social media a couple of months ago.

Anushka Sharma has been always there for Virat Kohli in bad phases of his career. They have been spotted many times during bad phases of his career. Virat Kohli told in an interview of breakfast with champions that “I become the person I am now only because of my wife. She taught me how to be more responsible and professional about my life”.

Ultimately Virat Kohli was more driven than ever to shut up their critics and give a reward to his wife Anushka Sharma for staying up there with him. Virat became the kind of crazy dude who continuously set a new benchmark for fitness of the Indian Cricket team. Virat Kohli improved his fitness and his game followed. Virat Kohli’s performance significantly improved from 2013 following some of the greatest cricket innings including his 100 against Sri Lanka on Australian soil. He smashed the greatest bowler Lasith Malinga. That showed his class and proved that he will become a great batsman.

Since he decided to be more fit and focused. Virat Kohli became disciplined and according to some sources, he didn’t even eat the most famous dish of his hometown Delhi. He got rewarded with an amazing body transformation.
Virat Kohli is genuine proof that long-lasting and meaningful success comes with patience and consistency. I mean look at him man it took him 7 years to play as better as he is now and became as the good person as he is now.
Now you and I know what Virat Kohli has gone through. The reason Why it’s important to know what he had gone through in the early part of his career. So we can admire the hard work and passion Virat Kohli has toward his game. What he has achieved is no fluke. Let’s look at the record Virat Kohli broke and some of his stats.

Virat improved his agility and speed to run more fast between the wicket and on the field.

The Greatness of Virat Kohli

"Champions are the ones who accept their mistakes and make a comeback"

Virat Kohli has struggled a lot. One of the worst series Virat has was against England in 2014. Jimmy Anderson continuously got his wicket for 5 test matches. You may have heard that. The quote sums up the spirit of Virat Kohli. He broke many batting records since then. That series against England made Virat Kohli batting as classiest as ever. Virat Kohli batting and his technique is the stylist cricket world has ever been.
Virat Kohli stats tell how great a batsman he is.
Virat Kohli records

1.Virat Kohli has the highest ICC rating points for any Indian batsman.

2.He is the highest run-scorer in IPL history.

3.Virat Kohli is the first captain to smash 6 0DI hundreds in and calendar year.

4.Kohli also has the record for making the most number of 0DI runs in a calendar year as an Indian captain. He scored 1460 runs in 2017.

5.VIrat is the only batsman to score three consecutive centuries against two opponents. (West Indies& Sri Lanka)

6.Virat Kohli became the fastest player to reach 10,000 0DI runs. In October 2018 he achieved this milestone in just 205 innings.

7.Virat scored the most number of double hundreds in test matches for India. Until now he has scored 7 double hundred.

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These are some of the records King Kohli holds and I am sure he will make and break many more.


Virat Kohli’s career has been similar to a roller coaster. He had experienced everything the bad times and also the ups of life. Now he has everything but every Indian and cricket fans should understand that he is not arrogant or angry. He is just obsessed about winning and he also hates losing. Virat Kohli’s attitude is kind of similar to a football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.
I hope you understood the struggle he did and he deserves what he had now.

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